Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh How She Mocks Me.

There are days that I wish I could claim that the Bible just is not relevant in this day and age. Days I wish I could claim ignorance of the law. Days I wish God really was not Omnipotent and did not know the lifestyle of the 21st century from the beginning. But the fact is, He did. Yet He still felt compelled to inspire a writing about the Proverbs woman.

I would have loved to have seen this woman. However, she was not really one in particular woman. She was the kind of woman that was being recommended to King Lemuel by his mother. His mom was guiding him as to what qualities to look for when he was considering a bride to be His Queen. So why I have I let this woman taunt me each time I walk in the front room too tired to pick up another toy? Because I want to be like her so bad!

I want to have my to do list completed at the end of each day, she didn't have a Outlook Calendar. I want to have all my laundry caught up, she didn't have a super capcity washer and dryer. I want to have all the business paperwork completed and filed away neatly, she didn't even have Excel, Quicken or Turbotax. I want to feed my kids and take fresh homemade bread and cookies to the neighbors, she didn't have a bread machine or an Easy Bake oven to let her little one help. I want to be so creative at Home school and Devotions that the kids praise me at the park, she didn't have Sonlight, Abekka or Konos. I want to be able to go grocery shopping and not lose the rest of the day, she didn't have a Supercenter and a freezer to bring items home in stock.

I don't even remember how to thread my sewing machine anymore. And the garden and yard? I don't have to worry about the flowers as my kids seem to love to pick them all, and I'm considering getting a goat to take care of the weeds. We usually do have a garden each summer, but not a big one that requires meticulous care and attention and then provides us with extra to allow me to can for the winter.

She on top of all of that was involved in charities for the poor, does it count if I drop coins in the Salvation Army bucket at Christmas? She made real estate deals. Does it count that we've been remodeling for almost 3 years? She was so wise and kind with her words, yet I sometimes relate more with the woman who invented Prozac. She got up early, stayed up late and kept busy all day long, I do do that. In fact, the last two nights of watching American Idol, I used as snuggle time with the kids and they loved it, so I was multi-tasking then. Not really busy though, uh?

Her husband was so proud of her and she even built him up to his business associates. I didn't even get Christmas cards out this year for them. And I wonder how proud my husband is when he unexpectedly brings home an employee for lunch and I'm still in my sweats and hair in a ponytail. The only thing that I can say in my defense is, "Where are MY servant girls?!"

So it is my goal starting each new day to strive to get through my task list. However, if there is a cry for help on a project, I will place my priority with my hubby. If there is a rug burned knee, I'll place my priority on the child in pain, if there is a friend with a hurting heart, I'll place my priority to be in prayer for them, if there is child in need of snuggling and love, I'll place my priority on time with them. So while we have an open door policy at our home for friends and family to find a place of love and comfort, you will not probably find Better Homes and Gardens, you will not find a beautiful model or even someone remotely as organized as June Cleaver in pantihose and heals, you will not find the smoothest running and organized home office. But you then you'll know you have found me.

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Amy Hornek said...

Wow! Who couldn't sympathize with this? Every Christian woman feels that pressure, but I don't think that's how God intended it. What a great model to look at and think, I want to be a better woman, wife and mother because I love Jesus. Sounds like you are on your way!


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