Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lacking in Talent

The sticker chart for charts had started to lose it's luster. There are plenty of little things on the chart to earn stickers daily. Once they earn 15 stickers they could choose something out of the prize box. I also noticed lately that I am not spending one on one time with them like I want. So I told them yesterday morning when I posted the new colorful chart that once they earned their 15 stickers on top of the prize box, that I would also put aside 30 minutes to spend time with just them. Wow. You would have thought I was a celebrity. Chores were done quicker with much better attitudes. I even had to put the stickers up high as I caught Brian sneaking in a couple extra to get to his goal.

Last night Makensie and I got out her Easy Bake Oven and made a little cake with chocolate frosting. There really isn't much in those little packets. The cake was enough for her. But it was sweet and fun and she enjoyed it.

And this morning Gabby and I had private art lessons. With her teaching me of course.

Gabby age 5, is very creative and spent the majority of her Christmas money on art supplies. So this morning she said for her one on one time she wanted to make some birds. I started getting out the construction paper and crayons. She informed me otherwise. She got out her bag of feathers and glue. These are the fluffy boa feathers in bright pink, yellow, turquoise. They are so much fun. She proceeds to show me how to bend the feathers around and glue them together to make a head, we had to have a different color for the beak and eyes and the body had to be bigger then add the tail, legs and wings. It was quite a process. I wasn't doing quite as good as she had hoped I would and shook her head at me then said, "I'm just much more talented than you uh?" I said, "Yes, Gabby you really are." And I meant it. After about 20 minutes in we had a bird. She then told me that I could do whatever I wanted to do then. I asked if I could color. She got a couple of pictures that are color by number with colored pencils. That is more up my alley, no guess work what looks best. She thought that would be ok. But first we needed to pick up our mess. Some of the feathers had to be trimmed down because they were just too fluffy, so by the end there was little pieces of fuzz everywhere on the table, until the heater kicked on and started blowing them everywhere, not the feathers themselves just all the extra tiny scraps. I tried to compact with the dust buster as quickly as possible but I'm sure I'll be finding joyful reminders of our morning together for the next couple of days. Even as I blew my nose there was even some little reminders there.

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