Friday, March 30, 2007

Gabby's 1st Book, Momma and Gabby's Trip to the Zoo

Ok, both Makensie and Gabby are putting together their books they have written for a homeschool project. We are just finishing up the illustrations. On the inside cover we are going to put a couple of quotes / reviews from people and what they say about the book...just like the real ones. So here is Gabby's. If you want to share a comment please do so!

One morning mamma took Gabby to the Zoo.
They walked a lot that day, but it was worth it because they got to see so many different animals.
They saw the giraffe and zebra, they were right next to each other.
Then they saw a rhinoceros. He was really big.
When they got tired from all the walking they decided to take a train ride around the zoo.
While they were on the train they saw some bears. One was black and one was brown.
When the train ride ended, the first thing that Gabby saw was the beautiful flamingos. Gabby and momma both love flamingos.
When they saw the tiger, he was eating his lunch of meat.
Momma’s favorite animal of the day was when they got to see the giant turtles. The biggest turtle was named Big Al. There was even a momma turtle laying eggs.
Before they left the zoo for the day, they stopped to look at the water fountain that had a giant marble earth floating in water.
Then momma and Gabby found some pretty rocks in the gift shop to take home with them to remember their day together.

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