Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hooked on Phonics

So far this week we have had several interesting conversations over our phonics lessons.

Brian has started, as he turned 5 and thinks he is now ready to start school. I'll take him while he's interested. He's actually doing really well with all 4 lessons he has under his belt and is sounding out a couple of 3 letter words.

Gabby taught me the importance of phonics accuracy when sounding out such words as "shot".

Makensie taught me that our redneckism is ingrained into her very being. After sounding out the word "shot" correctly, I asked her to use it in a sentence.
"I shot the deer!"
"Ok, that is one form of shot, good job." Then I asked her, "Can you think of another type of shot?"
She says, "Here kitty, kitty, boom! Now I shot the cat!"
Ok. Moving on.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Too Funny about Makensie's alliteration :)


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