Friday, March 07, 2008

It's All Her Fault!

So after Wendy posted on her creativity, I can't quit thinking about it. Yes! This is exactly how I feel. I love doing creative projects, painting on windows, make cards, decorating. I must admit I'm more of a copycat than an originalist (I don't think that is a word). I have a hard time coming up with great projects on my own, but I love running with someone else's idea...just like this post. I am not half as talented as Wendy with the artsy fartsy things, but I enjoy them just the same. They make me happy, fulfilled. And not that I need one more thing collecting dust in my house, but I love LOVE yard sales always hoping to find some vintage, flowery something that I truly enjoy that can replace something I have that I don't. And for me, the more eye candy the better.

That is also why I so enjoy being at Tab's house. Not only am I in the company of an amazingly funny, witty, talented mom, writer, singer, insightful woman, encouraging friend and God fearing woman...there is so much really cool beautiful things to look at. Everywhere! Her house is the closest thing I can think of that mirrors the magazines when they show older romantic vintage homes. Her home echos my heart of what I want my house to eventually look like. Oh why can't I have the talent to put things together so they flow vs making you think, "I love what you were trying to do there." Right now...our formal dining room that I wanted to have the Shabby Chic style started out with a light cotton candy pink paint, white trim, white table and chair and old grand piano. Then we switch and now it has an 80's hutch and table, and 2 deer head trophies, 1 cow skull, and 1 fish mount. WHAT? What is that saying?

All in good time. I need to get the house flowing smoothly with our new rearranged schedule of Wyatt giving up his morning nap to nap 4 hours right in the middle of the day. Keep on task with home school, we are writing and illustrating 2 books right now. The girls are starting to research their education fair topics, taxes are on top of me along with the fact that we paid $2K more than needed to another state in sales taxes 3 years ago and you can only imagine the red tape involved in trying to redeem that money back to us.

This morning in Mothering Matters the question was posed, "How do you achieve your dreams that God gave you during this season of life with little ones?" I don't know. Can it be done 5 minutes at a time? I personally don't have any relief as Allen works a lot of hours and it stresses him out to keep all the kids for much time at all. So I almost always have 4 little ones with me, or at the very least one. And if I do get a break it is usually after bed time and I'm so empty myself by that time, just reading or watching a movie and falling asleep 5 minutes into it is all I see capable of. I have so many dreams. I often ask God, why he put such a desire in my heart if that is not something that I can do in this season. Will I ever get the chance to pursue my dreams vs everyone else's? I also think for me, the hardest thing is when I see one of my friends accomplishing one of their dreams that I too have in my heart. Not that I in anyway begrudge them, it is just hard because I can feel their excitement and have to wonder "why not me?" "will that same excitement someday be mine to experience."

Where am I going? This is all Wendy's fault for stirring up the dust of my inner creativity. I do have a stamping swap that I'm going to get to enjoy this week with my friend Trish. I'm looking forward to just sitting down and having some playtime with the paper, and chalks and the smell of ink and the embellishments....mmmmmm. Have a beautiful weekend!


WendyJanelle said...

HAHAHA!! In my defense, I didn't come up with most of my ideas either. I am also copycat-ing others, like Sara and the Nester. So many awesome ideas out there.

I once heard that you should "surround yourself with beauty and evidence of love." That is what I'm trying to do. But, like you, I often feel like I'm not pulling it all together right.

Yes, Tab's house is AWESOME!! The first time I was there, I had to restrain myself from wandering around, mesmerized, taking pictures of everything!!

And, hey, I have my own LABEL now?! Awesome!! ;-)

Tabbitha said...

Suzanne, you give me too much credit ;P My house is always a mess and most of my projects will never be completed. But from reading your words here, I know that you love me and value me, in many aspects. That makes me feel so good. I could cry! Remember, I am not a home school mom anymore so I have a lot more time that I used to. You are doing something that is extremly valuable and should in NO way be diminished. You life is one of sacrifice. I'm just more selfish than you. lol. And I'm always looking for a way to generate some income, via my book pitching, CD selling, etc. I feel these are avenues the Lord could really bless, in His time. I'm just hoping it's sooner than later cuz I need some chedda :P The Lord is blessing the work of your hands. The sowing you are doing now, in secret, is going to produce a plentiful harvest, for all to enjoy :) Oh, and even though your husband has the animal heads on the wall(if it were me, I might have to do a "Christmas Story" type deal and while he wasn't looking, "accidently" break or lose them...)I totally see where you are going with that room. LOL. Just what you wanted to hear, right? Love you!

Shelley said...

Oh, my dear, even though I don't have the 4 little ones in tow, I really do understand the WAITING. Wondering why God isn't doing something with my dreams NOW. Mostly I feel like I just can't get anything together, but I think God is sneaky. He's working behind the scenes whether I know it or not. So I'm with you.


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