Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Makensie's party went really well. The girls were all so cute. They came in PJ's and played on the trampoline for a bit then they dressed up and danced to a couple of Hannah Montana videos (actually the same video a couple of times as I couldn't find the DVD remote which leads me to question if the baby helped pick up and threw them away). Then we had pizza from Eureka Pizza (little promo here...if you haven't you need to visit their website. You can enter to win free pizzas. Also, you can enter each of your family members on the month of their birthday you get a free pizza. Plus you get points with each purchase that can add towards free pizza. Now we live about 3 houses behind Eureka and while it is a blessing to walk up and pick up supper, it can also be a curse to constantly have to smell pizza each night...especially those nights when I'm really tired and don't feel like cooking and those days when we're having something like tuna cassarole...tuna/pizza/tuna/ is just always better!) Then the girls made sugar scrubs. Then we moved onto our little slumber party again and painted each others fingernails and toenails and fingers and toes and floor. Then we have the cake and opened presents. The cake turned out really cute and it was way too sweet. As Makensie wanted brownies layered with ice cream in the middle, topped with frosting. Oh well. It was still good and we all had fun. The whole event from planning to working on the thank yous has been a lot of fun. So I might just become one of those moms that have parties for each of her kids...or at least more often than I've had them in the past.


Jarrod said...

Thanks! I hadn't missed having Eureka Pizza until now!

FYI Melissa's email:

Melissa Flaming said...

Hey Suzanne, this is the only place I could find to access your blog. My email is Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Melissa Flaming said...

Ok. I just re-read your comment on my blog. Did you want my home address or email address?
If it's home address:
6323 Bisbee Pl NW
Albuquerque, NM


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