Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question.

All the crazy dreams I had last night might be contributed to the fact that I stayed up til almost 2am then was up again with the little man at 4am and spent the rest of the night in the recliner. Allen left early this morning so when I awoke confused by the sound of a lawn mower in our yard, I assumed our neighbors were fed up with our lack of mowing skills. But as my eyes focused I glanced out the window and then to the clock. It was 8:47am. It was not our neighbors, but rather a friend. A blessing. Our lawn mower has been broke for a couple of weeks, more like several, and Allen without complaining has been weed eating the entire yard.

Right before I was awoken, in my dream, I was having a discussion with some lady that was being extremely rude (don't know where this came from ) but I said, "We are Christians." And to my surprise to replied, "So am I." I remember feeling angered and told her that just believing in God and being a Christian, I believe, are 2 different things. That if she is going to wear the title of "Christian" than she needs to be clothed in the character of Christ, and that mercy and kindness were just some of those. I also informed her that she may be the only Jesus that some people ever see and I had yet to see those qualities in her. This is how you know I was dreaming because I'm not that bold.

But I thought it was amazing that in the very moment that I was telling her these things, Joel was putting aside his own time and to-do list to serve our family. He is not a Christian by profession only but by the works of his hands.

I looked up in the dictionary this morning and found a couple of definitions for a Christian:
Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christlike.
Christian - Noun
1. a person who believes in and follows Jesus Christ
2. Informal a person who displays the virtues of kindness and mercy encouraged in the teachings of Jesus Christ

I am a far cry from perfect and there are probably others who at times wished I wasn't proclaiming that I was a Christian. I think it just goes along the same lines of: just because you are in a locker room, doesn't necessarily make you a player. May we all put our actions were are words are. Lord allow my life to speak of you even for those who never hear me. Help me to remember that by proclaiming my association with you that there are others watching at all times. Help me to live in a way that will not make others stumble. Thank you for a gift this morning. May you return multiple blessings to this man and his family.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

That was so wonderful and sweet! Agreement in prayer: God, please bless the family and let all who they touch be inspired to go forth and do likewise.

The dream-- wow. Being a Christian by following Christ-- what a concept. Unfortunately Christians have the same rate of divorce, among other things.

As far as "acting like a Christian," though, I believe many just don't understand what it means. There are people who just don't care, and they proudly wear their title. It's like Christianity was just "passed down to them," they live in the Bible-belt and they go to church on Sunday because it's the thing to do.

Then there are those who feel like they need to "just act Christian," and put up with unbelievable abuse or manipulation (this is a good article on boundaries in relationships ) "The conflict between loving someone and wanting to require responsible behavior. How can we love others and deny ourselves, yet not be taken advantage of or controlled?"

Among the many characteristics that some Christian show, the ones who are true, honest, loving and refrain from social games, gossip, and manipulation... those are the ones who shine in the darkness.

And, Suzanne, I'm thankful that you're a bright candle.

Hope you are getting more sleep these days!!


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