Friday, January 22, 2010

More Quotes From the Kids

Gabby: So I'm the only normal kid, huh?
Me: What?
Gabby: Brian and Makensie are "special" kids right?
Me: Why do you think that?
Gabby: Makensie is right brained and Brian is left handed


Brian playing the Wii with daddy
Brian: Mom who's side are you on? Your sweet, precious little boy? or your ugly, fat, old, mean husband?
Allen: You realize I'm sitting right here don't you son?


Brian: I know how to speak Spanish
Me: Really?
Brian: Yep, just add a "O" or "ilda" to the end of everything. Taco, burrito, enchilada, cheesilda, chipilda, friendo,


I woke up to Gabby sweeping the kitchen last week.
Me: What cha doing?
Gabby: I'm eight. It's time for me to grow up.
Me: Wonderful
And she was been sweeping the kitchen every day since. :)


Brian: Mom drive faster!
Me: I can't, they'll pull me over and throw me in jail
(quiet pondering)
Brian: Will they literally "throw" you into jail? or just "put" you in jail. Because if they are just going to "put" you in jail that won't hurt.


Brian: MOM! MOM! Look how much I've grown in just 1 day!!!!! Yesterday when I stood right here I could only see a little bit of my head in the mirror and today...wall la! I can see my chest!!!!
Me: (Kiss) That's awesome!

I didn't tell him that the mirror had slipped down and was just sitting there and no longer hanging on the wall. ;)


The kids were playing with playdough. The girls of course were making little cakes and decorating them and pretending to own a cake shop.

Brian was making killer King Cobras


(Some of these were on FB already)
Brian: Mom, sorry you are close to a nervous breakdown.

Gabby: If I were a fly, would I be a maget or a fly?

Gabby: For Christmas I want a switchblade knife.

Brian: For Christmas I want a tuxedo.

Gabby: Are beans really the musical fruit?

Gabby: Have you ever killed someone?
Me: No yet

Brian: Mom, I'm SO sorry, I didn't know the bathroom sink would fill up that fast.

Makensie: I was being really nice to Wyatt and sucked all the sour stuff over the outside of his candies for him.

Me: Where would you like to go for vacation?
Gabby: Africa
Brian: The junkyard

Gabby: God gave me the gift of being able to make underarm farts because I wanted to do it so bad.

After seeing Brian walk out of the bathroom naked Gabby yells: That's just GREAT! Now my eyes are RUINED!


Tabbitha said...

Suzanne, your family makes me laugh :) You have joy in your lives, despite everything life throws at us. Joy is what keeps us alive on the inside :) It's untouchable! I bless you! I love you!

Jenny said...

These would make great Family Circus cartoons. :)


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