Monday, May 03, 2010

Just Life

Ballet Beauties after performance at JBU for morning worship.
Katelyn and Wyatt sittin' in a tractor....
Building a house out of kid size Lincoln Logs (Allen's dad made these for us)The skirt that Grandma Connie made. You can take the boy off the tractor, but you can't take the tractor seat away from the boy.Wild Horse Ministries. It was fabulous.Keys: It's what's always in his pocket. Two baby kittens and one tired momma.Airing up the tires.Night out with girlfriends.Afternoon of fishing. 5 little monkeys, jumpingLast time with our JBU gals for this semester. We all love Steph and Tori.We don't do a lot of art, but this was the Spotted Leopard Frog and Gabby had to add a full background to the printout. :)Studied Neutrals in art today and viewed some of Escher's work. (One of my favorites.)This is Gabby's. She cut out all the pieces, even the dog's legs are individually cut and glued.


Full of Grace said...

I LOVED all your photos you posted! I laughed when I saw your little boy with the tractor seat on the couch!!! :) You'll have to post pics more often, oh, and the kid sized lincoln logs were AWESOME!!!

Just so you know, because my blog is private now, it won't update you on the list on the side of your blog anymore, so if you you would like to read my blog (you've already been invited) then bookmark me to your favorites (or you can click on the link that says sucker for circles and it should take you to my most recent posting of my blog. If it doesn't, let me know :)

Adelia said...

Look at you and all your wonderful pictures!! There are the Neutral Projects I was able to hear so much about!! :-D

Ah!! By the way, the I Love You song started when I popped over here and I quickly changed it. Alex just stopped and said, "Hey! That was the song we all love!!" Bless his heart. I told him it was broken and I couldn't get it back.


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