Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Own Secret Garden

We went and watched the play "The Secret Garden" although it made into a musical and with heavy British accents, overall I would have to say it was...long and not at all like the movie we rented. Not to mention we sat in the balcony. In an old building. We lots of other people. And you all know how little I like that sort of setting. The kids did great to sit thru the 90 minutes. However, it was a play and an experience to enjoy. Plus it was free:)
You would think that I would learn to check all the pockets when I have 3 boys to wash laundry for in this house. But I haven't. Here is a picture of my own private secret garden of goodies in my washer tonight.

14 Crayons, 14 water balloons, 12 screws, 54 cents, 2 ponytail holders (my fault), 2 ink pens, 1 marble, 1 nail, 1 key and yes, 1 razor blade.


Soaring High said...

haha! ok now I don't feel so bad about what I find in my washer! I am terrible about checking pockets too!

Trish said...

We went to the play at 12:30. We didn't care for it. We couldn't understand the actors and didn't know who was alive and who was a ghost!


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