Friday, June 11, 2010

A Month of Sayings In Our House

Quotes from Brian:

As he was trimming the bushes "If I can just get a couple cups of coffee and a flashlight I could do this all night!"

As Allen was leaving for work, Brian rushed out after him and yelled, "DAD! Whatever you do today, don't feed any squirrels caffeine!"

"I wish we had a flat top roof. That way I could have meetings. Business Meetings and talk about starting new businesses. That and ride my bike up there. Of course I think I could ride my bike up there now. Can I?" (For those who don't know...we have a 2 story with a steep roof.)

At supper Allen asked, "Brian, do you not like your bread son?" He answered, "I do. I'm just sculpting it into a snail's shell."

"There are lots of names for nuts, huh?" Yes. Name some. (As he did, I realized we were thinking of two different kinds of "nuts".)

Quotes from Gabby:

"Mom, can I use the chainsaw?" What for? "To build a deck."

"I can remember when McDonald's used to be a drive thru only restaurant." Me: It's always been an eat in place, we were just a drive thru family when you were all little. :) Surprise!

"Wish we could go to Grandma's for snack time. She has REAL snacks. The kind you buy. Not just fruit."

"Mom, this is how I want my headstone when I die..." What are you planning to do today Gabby?

"How come when I shake really hard I can't feel my uvula move?" Me: What did you say?! Then I had to look up what exactly was an uvula.

Quotes from Makensie:

"We are pretending to be a wealthy family. Kinda like us in real life." (For those who don't know...we are NOT wealthy.)


triciadaniels said...

Love to hear what's going on in kids' little minds. Really like the 'real snacks.'

Full of Grace said...

All of the quotes were great, but I couldn't stop smiling over Gabby's :) Hers were extra adorable :) I especially loved the mcdonald one and the grandma has real snacks one :)

Soaring High said...

OK. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but I just stumbled across it tonight and had a good laugh. your kids are awsome!


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