Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Should I start a sweat shop?

Good Morning. I pray that you house if filled with quiet loving obedient little adults. Our home however if filled with three feisty little children. Every night before I drift off, I have started asking where I felt like I failed that day in my role as a wife, mother, business owner, housekeeper and friend according to God's standards. This helps me identify my shortcomings and make a quick plan of action of what I need to work on the next day. Lately it seems that my plan of action is still not producing the kids I dreamed about and saw in the magazines. Just days after Christmas the joy of new toys has worn off and the arguing has set in. A friend of mine this morning mentioned that in days of old kids had to work out in the fields which consumed more energy so they were too tired to argue. So what additional chores can I come up with in the middle of winter for a 5, 4 and 2 year old to truly wear them out and help them find true thankfulness for their free time? They already help with so much. Brian, the 2 year out just help take all the Dominos out of their box to help decorate the floor only after washing his truck in the low sink in the bathroom that some of you call a toilet. Gabby, 4, cleaned her entire room by pushing it under the bed and into the closet and Makensie is entertaining me by chatting about everything that comes to mind verses rather than doing her school work. I do have some mending to be done, bills to be paid, phone calls to be made, ironing to be completed. Maybe a sweat shop isn't such a bad idea.

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