Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deadly Venom

The Bible tells us that one of the best lessons we can learn is to control our tongue and it also teaches us that is is uncontrollable by our own strenghth. This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn and am still working on this area of my life.

I was born with a silver tongue I guess to make up for the fact I didn't have a silver spoon. At times it comes in handy for quick witted comebacks, but most of the time I want to have my mouth ducktaped shut. I'm sure there have been many occasions when my husband would have gladly helped me with this task.

There are times when words are coming out of my mouth before I ever knew I was thinking them, times I was thinking them and knew I shouldn't say them and yet this uncontrollable force releases them anyway.

What is the worst, is that I don't aim my venomous spray toward complete strangers that tell me I'm number one when I'm driving, or who criticize my kids in public. It is the people I love the most. My precious hubby and innocent children.

I have grown tremendously in this area of the last 5 years as I have learned how to tell myself to shut up and pray. Learned how to walk away to someplace quiet to beg for help in controling my words. So now when I do use hurtful words, it is a choice, it has always been a sin, but now it is a sin that I willingly choose at times, knowing full well the hurt that will be inflict with my bite.

My oldest daughter got in trouble last night for not controlling her temper or her tongue and saying some really hateful things to me. As we stood talking in the bathroom she cried, all of 6 years old saying, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I pray everynight that God will make me a better person to be around and I really try to be good and then I don't know what happens, I just get so mad." It broke my heart to hear and see standing before me my own sin being passed down. While it is hard to discipline her in this area when I still make mistakes, I pray that we can help her gain a better self control and let the Holy Spirit tame her tongue while she is young rather than being a victim to her tongue as long as I was.

"Set a watch O Lord before my mouth, and keep the door of my lips."


Amy H said...

Wow! Isn't it amaziing how having children really amplifies to us what our sins are? I will say a prayer for you and your daughter. I think taming your tongue is possibly the hardest thing to do! Fortunately, we have a God that wants us to be without sin, and He will take care of that too.

Amy H said...

Happy Valentine's Day Suzanne!

Amy H said...



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