Saturday, February 03, 2007

God's ideal of family is togetherness.

I felt especially convicted this morning as I was reading through His Word. He says that we are to work together as a family for profit and not as individuals. I have gotten really mobby the last couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself that I don't have something to call my own like my husband has his own business. He is out everyday. Not that his job is easy or even safe, but at least he gets to socialize with people over 4 foot tall that can carry on a conversation about more than what they want to eat, who's picking on them or asking for their bottom, face or nose to be wiped.

I love my children dearly and have to remind myself often in the midst of the 3rd load of laundry that day that I am living my dream. Well, at least my dream of getting to stay home. I pictured it a little differently than what it actually is, but I'm thankful for the opportunity all the same.

I sometimes find myself feeling alone on my own little island of dishes and housework and it is drained. Wishing I too had something more I could be doing to contribute to life.

Then as I was studying I realized that I already do have that opportunity. I often look at Allen's business as HIS business. But as a family it is ours. It is my chance to shine as his secretary, his bookkeeper, his encourager. I have really slacked the last couple of months even attempting to help out with all the paperwork feeling like this was his dream and that he should be the one to take care of it or hire someone to do so.

It is another of my goals to help him become more organized with all the paperwork, keep up with it so as to have one less burden and for me to be able to share with him the blessing God has before us in his business and for us as a family. I want our kids to grow up feeling just as much a part of this business as if they helped build it themselves. I wonder how this applies to 2 income families that do not own their own business? I know not everyone in the Bible was a business owner, but it seems that even if a husband worked for another man, that his sons and wife went along and did also. This will be something for future study.

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Amy H said...

It can be hard sometimes to feel like a real contribution in terms of society, financially or just in general more than baby bottoms and grocery shopping. And, it can get lonely at times. Isn't it wonderful how in the midst of that God reveals something to you like Deut. 11? We serve a good God Suzanne. And, you, are important to who really matters. Your God and your family! Way to go!


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