Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Self Esteem

As I was getting ready this afternoon...yes this afternoon and if I didn't have to take Makensie to Girl Scouts and also to get another gallon of paint, it wouldn't have happened at as I was putting on my clothes, Brian came in to chat. I had my lovely maternity panties on, the ones that come to just under your bra and he patted my tummy and said, "fat!". I told him let's just call it baby. Well, he wanted to make sure I heard him so he continued to pat and continued to tell me I was getting fat, fat, fat from the baby.

Makensie once again to the rescue tells him, "get out of mamma's room if you are just going to be mean. How would you like it if you were big and fat and someone was calling you fat?!"

When I picked Makensie up from Girl Scouts tonight she had made a drawing of our family. I was the size of all three of the kids combined.

So now thanks to my little angel I now know that not only do I have long boobs, but I'm also huge!

Kids. They are good for the self esteem.

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Amy H said...

Oh Suzanne, how you make me laugh!! Have a good weekend! Oh, and look at the bright side, at least the girl scout cookies aren't here yet. :)


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