Friday, March 30, 2007

New a Dull Moment with Gabby

Last night Gabby, Wyatt and I headed to Wal-Mart. While we were there it was rather uneventful other than Wyatt filling his diaper quite loudly to full capacity. However, before we made it inside and on the trip home gave me my Gabbyfix.

When we got out of the van, I noticed she had several spots of something on the front of her skirt. After I got Wyatt out of the van I turned to see her using her fingers to "wash" off the spots. I figured it was probably spit. I discovered I was wrong, as she squatted down and dipped her hand into the puddle of water aka...oil, grime, the parking lot. and started washing her skirt again.

This is when she spotted a butterfly. It was beautiful and in amazingly good condition for being dead. It must of fallen off someone's car grill. From the instant I saw it, I knew that it was just a matter of time before Gabby would find this treasure. Adead butterfly is much better than the dead crow of last week. Gabby picked up the delicate little creature and started to shove it in her purse. "NO! It will be ruined!" So we placed him in the van on the floor and brought him home to show the other kids. This morning Gabby buried her in the garden, complete with a sign for a headstone, she named the butterfly Daisy. However, she did dig her up to show a friend who dropped by.

On the way home, Wyatt was getting rather fussy and at first Gabby tried to console him by singing and talking, but she is a little short tempered so after about, oh...2 minutes, she was just annoyed. She finally yells at him, "YOU WILL NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WHINE! JEESH!"

Gabby's 1st Book, Momma and Gabby's Trip to the Zoo

Ok, both Makensie and Gabby are putting together their books they have written for a homeschool project. We are just finishing up the illustrations. On the inside cover we are going to put a couple of quotes / reviews from people and what they say about the book...just like the real ones. So here is Gabby's. If you want to share a comment please do so!

One morning mamma took Gabby to the Zoo.
They walked a lot that day, but it was worth it because they got to see so many different animals.
They saw the giraffe and zebra, they were right next to each other.
Then they saw a rhinoceros. He was really big.
When they got tired from all the walking they decided to take a train ride around the zoo.
While they were on the train they saw some bears. One was black and one was brown.
When the train ride ended, the first thing that Gabby saw was the beautiful flamingos. Gabby and momma both love flamingos.
When they saw the tiger, he was eating his lunch of meat.
Momma’s favorite animal of the day was when they got to see the giant turtles. The biggest turtle was named Big Al. There was even a momma turtle laying eggs.
Before they left the zoo for the day, they stopped to look at the water fountain that had a giant marble earth floating in water.
Then momma and Gabby found some pretty rocks in the gift shop to take home with them to remember their day together.

Makensie's 1st Book-The little Mouse family in the Big Old House

Ok, both Makensie and Gabby are putting together their books they have written for a homeschool project. We are just finishing up the illustrations. On the inside cover we are going to put a couple of quotes for review from people...just like the real ones. So here is Makensie's. If you want to share a comment please do so!

Once upon a time there was a little mamma mouse named Callie.
She lived in a little hole in the wall in a big old house.
She had two baby girl mice named Sarah and Sally.
Momma mouse was pregnant and hoping for a baby boy mouse.
On Monday, Sarah and Sally snuck out into the big house after the people had breakfast and gathered up little pieces of toast, cheese and scrambled eggs that had fallen on the floor. They also found some grapes rolling around.
On Tuesday it was time for momma to go to the mouse hospital.
Momma mouse was blessed with another baby girl mouse. They named her Makensie.
On Wednesday, momma got to rest at the hospital and enjoy her new little bundle of joy.
On Thursday, momma mouse, Sarah, Sally and Makensie all went home to the their little house inside the big wall.
On Friday, Sarah and Sally went back into the kitchen of the big house after the people had lunch and gathered up some bread, lettuce, ham and a piece of orange.
On Saturday, they had a big feast to celebrate the new baby.
All the little mice cousins went outside in the field to play rat rat goose, freeze tag,
and fly kites.
The momma and daddy mice chatted with each other.
Then they all enjoyed ice cream and cheese cake.
On Sunday, they all went to church and baptized little Makensie and said thanks for their new baby mouse.
That afternoon they played some games together as a family.
They all lived happily ever after. The End.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bathroom Horror Stories

One of my sister's is a CPA, very sweet, professional, easily embarrassed,. She went to the bathroom today at work. When she flushed the toilet, it overflowed. I'm sure she seriously concerned resigning and moving out of state, poor girl.

Years back, a college friend of mine went to the bathroom while we were at work and sad to say he wasn't feeling well, and he had ate corn the night before. When he flushed, the toilet overflowed. Gross.

And when I was working in a insurance office in KC I had went to the restroom and the walls were paperthin, I was sure I was going to pass gas, so as not to embarrass myself, I turned on the sink and sat down to pee. I was also working at a bar at night til almost 3am most nights so I was tired. I somehow managed to fall asleep on the toilet. I wake up and the sink was overflowing. The puddle had already reached the hallway and even went under the walls. Since there was carpet it took almost a week for the slooshing to be gone. Another of my proud moments.

A Wolf in a Sheep's Coat

I caught part of a cooking show yesterday and the goal of the show was to make a 30-minute, healthy, tasty meal. I have to be honest that if I do make a 30 minute meal it isn't always healthy. I haven't really taken the time to study new recipes and ways of cooking so that I can familiarize myself with healthier recipes that are quick. It is much the same way with our spiritual life. If we have not taken the time to study the Word of God and know Him, how do we know when we are off track?

The last couple of days, it has been easy to be tempted by the carrot cake with raisins, coconut and pineapple covered with 2 coats of that beautifully smooth cream cheese frosting that just melts in your mouth, which is sitting on my counter top . I have carrots cut up and ready for snacking in the refrigerator and I know that between the 2 option, I should choose to eat the raw carrots. I know they are good for me, low in calories, good for my eyes and they will make me hop faster. But my little 4 year old doesn't know all that yet. He just knows that the frosting he has been sneaking is sweeter.

While I love my son and do my best to instruct him in the way to go...what if I didn't have his best interest at heart? What if I too wanted the carrot cake and wanted someone else to join in the fun of eating it and convinced him that "it's a 'carrot' cake, it's just as good as the carrots in the frig." Being young he doesn't know the difference, he hasn't studied health. He puts his trust in me. So it is with us when we are young Christians. We put our trust in mentors, Sunday school teachers, pastors. Sometimes even family and friends.

We have a newborn baby in our house, he is only 5 weeks old and lives solely off my milk at this point. He might be happy to take in some gravy or even some of that cream cheese frosting also, but that is not what he needs or even what he can tolerate at this point. He doesn't even know that those options exist. He has a couple more months before he gets to experience more. As he grows he will get to know all sorts of different flavors and my the time he moves out of our home and starts life on his own, there will certain meals which he is familiar with and knows how to make and what sides mom would put with them. Because he will know me and know my way of cooking. When we are babies in the Word, we don't know anything until we grow in it. So we put our trust in others to teach us and hope that they themselves are not babies of the word. How can we best protect ourselves from being misled? To know the Word of God and even more importantly to know the Character of God Himself, to study Him to have a relationship with Him.

It is easy to be tempted with evil when it is being presented as good. Carrot cake is made with carrots. That is true, kinda, but did I disclose how much sugar is in just one small piece, and what the sugar will do to our bodies, our teeth, our waistline!? Does Satan disclose what a simple wrong decision could do to our walk, our ministry, our influence? And who does Satan love to use to misguide us? Why those we trust the most. Wouldn't it be easier to be led astray by a trusted family member than a complete stranger? By our friends that encourage us to "just try" the drugs, for a fun night out, boyfriends that tempt us with premarital sex, husbands that tempt us to watch an inappropriate move to spice up our love life? Children that talk us into letting them get by without disciplining? A family member that starts us a gossipy conversation?

I have been led and led others many times into sins that aren't really anything major. Like isn't like I've killed someone, but it is a sin. Yet aren't all sins equal in God's mind? And where does it stop. If I can justify myself with that sin, what about the next that is just a little worse in my mind? How I can draw my line? We can recognize that line and those sins by becoming more like Him and having a mind more like Christ. And we can do that by spending time in His Word.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Pool of Bethesda

over the past year I often found myself complain of all my body's aches and pains while I was carrying one of the blessings from God Himself. Throughout the last year I had an EColi infection, an inner ear infection, high blood pressure, low iron, sciatic nerve problems, UTI infections, flu. All together I probably lived a total of 2 months sick or in pain. 2 months?! Yet there are those among us that would have been thankful to have 2 months free of pain and suffering.

It is comforting to know that God keeps record of each minute of our afflictions and cares for us. Some day our bodies will all be whole and healthy. It was hard for me to be patient at times with my growing uncomfortableness towards the final days of my pregnancy. I pray that I will long remember my not so perfect health and find compassion on those around us who are facing illness and pains.

Christ sent angels to stir the water in the pool of Bethesda. A man crippled of 38 years was singled out and then healed instantly. And then he was strong enough to walk, and help himself.
God can cure us both physically and spiritually. There are times when I think the spiritual battles are harder to overcome than the physical. But when He does deliver us from our battles we can be bold enough to walk for Him and proclaim His Glory.

What made me happy this week?

Some friends had us over for some wonderful BBQ brisket and Merlot.

Gabby and Brian found a dead crow and wanted to keep it as a pet because it was sooo soft.

Gabby chatted on the phone with some twins she met in public school before we pulled her our to homeschool. She sounded so grown up...even when she was telling them that she was covered with bruising from head to toe. Their mom hasn't called me back to get together.

Ran errands and Brian insisted on wearing his cowboy boots, cowboy belt, his blue hard plastic police helmet and the blue swimming goggles. The goggles didn't really fit right so his lower eyelids were pulled out away from his eye. I'm sure people thought I had a "special" child.

Wyatt has gained almost 2 lbs and grown 2 inches.

Makensie and Gabby are writing books for homeschool...our Christian Homeschool group. Makensie starts narrating her story to me "There were a boy and girl parked in a car in a field and they heard something scratch on the side of the car. The boy got out and there was a bloody hand on the car." Ok we are NOT writing a ghost story, I'm trying hard enough to find at least one other family that is a little more dysfunctional than ours!

Wyatt also had his 1st major diaper blow out and the kids all thought it was the coolest thing that he had yellow poop up to his underarms.

Gabby told me she really like the black shirt I had on during the Spring Bash...because it reminded her of turkey feathers.

Got to enjoy some time with some other moms at a get together. It was therapy for my homebody soul.

Brian showed his super hero strength by shattering my glass patio table with the ball bat.

My ever so helpful and supportive husband has went fishing 2 days this week. I'm so glad he is getting a nice relaxing break, I worry about him not getting enough down time. PLEASE! I thought I was the one who was up every night. However, he did call and ask 1st. lol. Yes, he fears me.

My MIL came over for a bit, cleaned up the broken glass and then ran an errand for me so I did not have to with the 4 little ones.

Got out our summer clothes. It's like going shopping all over again. I always forget what I packed away.

Brian also dug up part of our yard looking for worms, at least he put all the dirt/mud on the patio. I ask him to keep the mud off the concrete. He dragged out he hose and tried to clean it off himself causing a bigger mud puddle then covered in mud came in the house to show me his cool boat he covered in mud that was dripping everywhere

After a little talk about keeping the mud off the breezeway area, the kids moved to the back side of the garage and pelted it with mud balls...silence or hysterical laughing are always signs that something bad is in motion.

The kids love to paint rocks and use their tempera paints quickly. Brian thought it would be better to paint a masterpiece on a 2 x is lovely.

Gabby our little artist drawed a full size portrait of Wyatt...on the wall in Brian's room...and Wyatt is naked and anatomically correct. It is still there if anyone in town needs a really good laugh.

Brian told me he thinks we are going to have a million babies. I asked why he would think that. He said, "Because your belly is really fat." "Brian we do not tell people or say that people are fat, that will hurt someone's feelings." He says, "Shorry, I meant to say, your belly is really big." Nevermind.

My husband took Makensie and joined momto2girls and 3 other moms and 5 girls on a girl scout trip to the zoo! It was an hour there and he said she didn't stop talking the entire trip there or back. LOL. Allen is not one of those men that do girly things well.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Literally speaking

After our family devotions last night I told the kids that I'd really like to go around the room and pray tonight rather than just Brian. Usually just the child who's day it is closes us in prayer. I asked Brian if he would go ahead and lead us in prayer. "Sure" he said as he slid off the couch, clasped his little hands together and started his prayer and started walking around the furniture. After he had circled the recliner and couch 3 times, praying softly, and trying his best to keep his eyes shut without stumbling into everything, he closed, "Amen." I looked up confused at Allen and told Brian thank you. Then I asked why he decided to walk around the room. He told me, "You said you wanted us to go around the room and pray." How precious!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's in a Title?

I'm sure that most of you have seen the email about the mom that hesitated saying she was just a mom/housewife because of the little value that often times comes from the perception of that. I can clearly remember saying to a friend in college that when I got married that I wanted to stay home, especially if we had kids, although I didn't think kids were in my future. She was shocked and asked what I would do all day long, said how boring it would be. Now that I'm staying home daily with our four little ones, age 6 and under it has long since past that I have ever said that I was bored with nothing to do.

There is a never ending to do list, baby to be fed, pumping, meals to make, dishes to do, laundry to wash, floors to sweep, boo boos to kiss and bandage, scabbles to settle, bills to pay, errands to run, groceries that need put away, friends to talk with, husband to love on...and dozens of things on a wish list for what sometimes seems like a far off future.

Although I never run out of things to do, I do sometimes run out of gusto and joy in the routine of life. I catch myself envious of some moms who have a career, get to go to the Chamber of Commerce after hours social club, get to have extra money all their own, get to dress up and have the newest haircut, those moms that seem to accomplish so much and still manage to keep their own identity. But of course that is all from the outside looking in.

I have really had to do a self check of attitude in the last 2 weeks and find that I truely am thankful that I have more time to spend with my kids, that I am the woman that my husband calls sometimes 10 times a day for an invoice rather than another secretary and I never get to hear his voice, I'm thankful for the laundry as we have plenty of clothes to wear, thankful for the dishes as we have plenty of food to enjoy, thankful for the messes made as we have a large home that is difficult at times to keep up with. I am especially thankful for the noise and laughter that fills the house. I'm thankful for a new baby to kiss and cuddle.

Proverbs 14 says that a wise woman builds up her house. I am thankful that I am that woman that is at the heart of our home. It is a daunting thought that I have that ability to either build it up or tear it down. There have been plenty of times that after a long remodeling process and improvements made in our marriage and family, that I have single handedly been able to make a huge mess of everything by looking for the greener grass and the better situation rather than appreciating what God has blessed me with. And I made sure everyone knew how unhappy I was with all the "sacrifices" I was making for everyone else, rather than giving thanks for all my gifts.

I read a book a couple of years ago, Professionalizing Motherhood, and it gives a new face to old chores and a new attitude about how to view them. Instead of thinking I have a stack of dirty dishes, thank God that there was food to eat and fellowship to be enjoyed over the meal. I pray that I can once again look at life with a renewed love for serving my family and create a home of peace, understanding, love, safety and be a mom the kids enjoy and the wive my husband delights in.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We have a sticker reward chart and in order to get a sticker for the jobs the kids complete they must do their chores with a happy heart the 1st time they are asked.

This morning Brian wasn't exactly happy to be doing his silverware and asked in not so kind words why we had to do dishes EVERYDAY?! He is only 4 so I just mentioned again that in order to eat we have to have clean dishes and as a family we all help each other. After he finished putting away the silverware I praised him on a job well done and reminded him to get a sticker. But there he stood and said, "But I complained, so I don't get a sticker." Wow. Thank you Lord for a glimpse of hope that they are learning!

He did get 2 stickers for his honesty.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Addition

Our lives have changed drastically and been blessed more than we can verbalize in the last 2 weeks with our new addition to our household. Wyatt Cole was born Feb 16th at 6:04 pm. He weighed in at 7lbs 6ozs and was 19 inches long. He is so adorable and handsome. He's my little sweet potato. Although he isn't willing to nurse, which means extra time pumping and cleaning items, it is all worth it. I can hardly lay him down, I just want to hold and kiss on him. What is it about babies? When Allen and I were dating I tried to break up with him at one point because his desire to have children. I felt like that wasn't something I wanted in my future and didn't want to take that away from him. However, here we are 4 little ones later. As soon as the nurse laid him on my chest, I cried and thanked the Lord for another precious gift. What have I done to deserve such a blessing? There are days I don't know why God ever thought I would make a good parent, days when it seems I make one parenting mistake after another. Yet there in my arms, is a little quivering body, taking in his 1st breathes, crying. I have felt a special calling on this little man early on, knowing he is fully the Lord's child just here on loan to me for the time being. I do not know what great things the Lord has in store for each of our children, but I pray I do my best at leading them to Him. Just hours after Wyatt, I told Allen I thought I could do this one more time. I still tear up just looking at him, seeing him for the miracle he is and realizing how fast he'll grow up. The last 2 weeks have been a blur, and I am sure the next several weeks to months will be also. I however, do not look forward this time to getting back into the routine of things, after all, we are in the routine of life now. We are in the routine of loving, holding, feeding and sharing this precious little life. All the kids love him and think he is so cute and want to do anything they can to spend time with him. Thank you Lord for the blessings you give, thank you for your ways and plans being predominant over my futile thinking of what might be best, thank you for allowing me this chance to be a mom and care for your little ones.


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