Thursday, March 15, 2007

Literally speaking

After our family devotions last night I told the kids that I'd really like to go around the room and pray tonight rather than just Brian. Usually just the child who's day it is closes us in prayer. I asked Brian if he would go ahead and lead us in prayer. "Sure" he said as he slid off the couch, clasped his little hands together and started his prayer and started walking around the furniture. After he had circled the recliner and couch 3 times, praying softly, and trying his best to keep his eyes shut without stumbling into everything, he closed, "Amen." I looked up confused at Allen and told Brian thank you. Then I asked why he decided to walk around the room. He told me, "You said you wanted us to go around the room and pray." How precious!


Stacy said...

Ha! I love this!! Your kids seem to have a knack for doing the most hilarious things!! :)

Indiana Amy said...

Oh my gosh, is that the sweetest thing ever or what? I just love kids for the things they say, precious!


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