Friday, March 30, 2007

Makensie's 1st Book-The little Mouse family in the Big Old House

Ok, both Makensie and Gabby are putting together their books they have written for a homeschool project. We are just finishing up the illustrations. On the inside cover we are going to put a couple of quotes for review from people...just like the real ones. So here is Makensie's. If you want to share a comment please do so!

Once upon a time there was a little mamma mouse named Callie.
She lived in a little hole in the wall in a big old house.
She had two baby girl mice named Sarah and Sally.
Momma mouse was pregnant and hoping for a baby boy mouse.
On Monday, Sarah and Sally snuck out into the big house after the people had breakfast and gathered up little pieces of toast, cheese and scrambled eggs that had fallen on the floor. They also found some grapes rolling around.
On Tuesday it was time for momma to go to the mouse hospital.
Momma mouse was blessed with another baby girl mouse. They named her Makensie.
On Wednesday, momma got to rest at the hospital and enjoy her new little bundle of joy.
On Thursday, momma mouse, Sarah, Sally and Makensie all went home to the their little house inside the big wall.
On Friday, Sarah and Sally went back into the kitchen of the big house after the people had lunch and gathered up some bread, lettuce, ham and a piece of orange.
On Saturday, they had a big feast to celebrate the new baby.
All the little mice cousins went outside in the field to play rat rat goose, freeze tag,
and fly kites.
The momma and daddy mice chatted with each other.
Then they all enjoyed ice cream and cheese cake.
On Sunday, they all went to church and baptized little Makensie and said thanks for their new baby mouse.
That afternoon they played some games together as a family.
They all lived happily ever after. The End.

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