Friday, March 30, 2007

New a Dull Moment with Gabby

Last night Gabby, Wyatt and I headed to Wal-Mart. While we were there it was rather uneventful other than Wyatt filling his diaper quite loudly to full capacity. However, before we made it inside and on the trip home gave me my Gabbyfix.

When we got out of the van, I noticed she had several spots of something on the front of her skirt. After I got Wyatt out of the van I turned to see her using her fingers to "wash" off the spots. I figured it was probably spit. I discovered I was wrong, as she squatted down and dipped her hand into the puddle of water aka...oil, grime, the parking lot. and started washing her skirt again.

This is when she spotted a butterfly. It was beautiful and in amazingly good condition for being dead. It must of fallen off someone's car grill. From the instant I saw it, I knew that it was just a matter of time before Gabby would find this treasure. Adead butterfly is much better than the dead crow of last week. Gabby picked up the delicate little creature and started to shove it in her purse. "NO! It will be ruined!" So we placed him in the van on the floor and brought him home to show the other kids. This morning Gabby buried her in the garden, complete with a sign for a headstone, she named the butterfly Daisy. However, she did dig her up to show a friend who dropped by.

On the way home, Wyatt was getting rather fussy and at first Gabby tried to console him by singing and talking, but she is a little short tempered so after about, oh...2 minutes, she was just annoyed. She finally yells at him, "YOU WILL NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WHINE! JEESH!"

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Indiana Amy said...

Gabby is too cute, and correct! You really don't get what you want when you wine. You only annoy the giver. :) Could somebody please tell my child that? LOL


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