Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Pool of Bethesda

over the past year I often found myself complain of all my body's aches and pains while I was carrying one of the blessings from God Himself. Throughout the last year I had an EColi infection, an inner ear infection, high blood pressure, low iron, sciatic nerve problems, UTI infections, flu. All together I probably lived a total of 2 months sick or in pain. 2 months?! Yet there are those among us that would have been thankful to have 2 months free of pain and suffering.

It is comforting to know that God keeps record of each minute of our afflictions and cares for us. Some day our bodies will all be whole and healthy. It was hard for me to be patient at times with my growing uncomfortableness towards the final days of my pregnancy. I pray that I will long remember my not so perfect health and find compassion on those around us who are facing illness and pains.

Christ sent angels to stir the water in the pool of Bethesda. A man crippled of 38 years was singled out and then healed instantly. And then he was strong enough to walk, and help himself.
God can cure us both physically and spiritually. There are times when I think the spiritual battles are harder to overcome than the physical. But when He does deliver us from our battles we can be bold enough to walk for Him and proclaim His Glory.

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