Sunday, March 25, 2007

What made me happy this week?

Some friends had us over for some wonderful BBQ brisket and Merlot.

Gabby and Brian found a dead crow and wanted to keep it as a pet because it was sooo soft.

Gabby chatted on the phone with some twins she met in public school before we pulled her our to homeschool. She sounded so grown up...even when she was telling them that she was covered with bruising from head to toe. Their mom hasn't called me back to get together.

Ran errands and Brian insisted on wearing his cowboy boots, cowboy belt, his blue hard plastic police helmet and the blue swimming goggles. The goggles didn't really fit right so his lower eyelids were pulled out away from his eye. I'm sure people thought I had a "special" child.

Wyatt has gained almost 2 lbs and grown 2 inches.

Makensie and Gabby are writing books for homeschool...our Christian Homeschool group. Makensie starts narrating her story to me "There were a boy and girl parked in a car in a field and they heard something scratch on the side of the car. The boy got out and there was a bloody hand on the car." Ok we are NOT writing a ghost story, I'm trying hard enough to find at least one other family that is a little more dysfunctional than ours!

Wyatt also had his 1st major diaper blow out and the kids all thought it was the coolest thing that he had yellow poop up to his underarms.

Gabby told me she really like the black shirt I had on during the Spring Bash...because it reminded her of turkey feathers.

Got to enjoy some time with some other moms at a get together. It was therapy for my homebody soul.

Brian showed his super hero strength by shattering my glass patio table with the ball bat.

My ever so helpful and supportive husband has went fishing 2 days this week. I'm so glad he is getting a nice relaxing break, I worry about him not getting enough down time. PLEASE! I thought I was the one who was up every night. However, he did call and ask 1st. lol. Yes, he fears me.

My MIL came over for a bit, cleaned up the broken glass and then ran an errand for me so I did not have to with the 4 little ones.

Got out our summer clothes. It's like going shopping all over again. I always forget what I packed away.

Brian also dug up part of our yard looking for worms, at least he put all the dirt/mud on the patio. I ask him to keep the mud off the concrete. He dragged out he hose and tried to clean it off himself causing a bigger mud puddle then covered in mud came in the house to show me his cool boat he covered in mud that was dripping everywhere

After a little talk about keeping the mud off the breezeway area, the kids moved to the back side of the garage and pelted it with mud balls...silence or hysterical laughing are always signs that something bad is in motion.

The kids love to paint rocks and use their tempera paints quickly. Brian thought it would be better to paint a masterpiece on a 2 x is lovely.

Gabby our little artist drawed a full size portrait of Wyatt...on the wall in Brian's room...and Wyatt is naked and anatomically correct. It is still there if anyone in town needs a really good laugh.

Brian told me he thinks we are going to have a million babies. I asked why he would think that. He said, "Because your belly is really fat." "Brian we do not tell people or say that people are fat, that will hurt someone's feelings." He says, "Shorry, I meant to say, your belly is really big." Nevermind.

My husband took Makensie and joined momto2girls and 3 other moms and 5 girls on a girl scout trip to the zoo! It was an hour there and he said she didn't stop talking the entire trip there or back. LOL. Allen is not one of those men that do girly things well.

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Indiana Amy said...

Hi Suzanne!
I love that the things that made you smile were not all things that would make the average person smile. Smashing your patio table with a baseball bat? Whew, I'm so glad you could smile about it later! :) Poop up to his arms, phew! I remember that and can't say I miss it too much. Although the stink now I'm not too fond of either! Oh, and you gotta love the really big comments, oh, good times! ;)


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