Thursday, April 26, 2007

Accidents come in three's

I have so many happenings and ideas I want to write about and share, it just seems like the days are rushing by. Wyatt is growing and I even occasionally (as in twice) get an entire nights rest. As long as I get in 6 hours I usually feel pretty good til I can catch up with a nap sometime.

Accident #1 - My dad took on a pole and the pole won. He was setting a telephone pole and it slipped off the tractor and his head held catch it. The pole knocked him out, took one of his teeth and gave him quite the shiner of a black eye. He finally saw a Dr the week after when his headaches didn't subside. He has a concussion and whiplash.

Accident #2 - Allen was working with the screw gun and the screw slipped off the metal and went into the side of his hand hitting and splitting the bone between his thumb and pointer finger. He didn't go to the Dr. as he set it himself and taped it for good measure.

Accident #3 - My brother Jason who manages my dad's auto shop was doing who knows what at the shop and caused something to his face. He looks a little like a turtle with his hair, eyebrows and gotee gone. He didn't go to the Dr either because a couple a couple 2nd degree burns never killed anybody.


Carrie said...

What IS it with men refusing to go to the doctor?? Sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be back here again.

God bless :)

Amy said...

I'm going to have to agree with Carrie and say I can't understand why men have issues with just seeing a doctor? Is it something psychological, physiological or just plain dumb? :) My goodness! Those are surely all good reasons to spend the extra time and money...I mean really, ouch!!


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