Monday, April 30, 2007

Bless me so that I may bless others.

"Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble. The Lord will protect him and preserve his life; ...The Lord will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness". Psalms 41:1-3

I recently wrote about how my dad was struck on the head when a telephone pole fell. Amazingly, he is doing good. But I am not surprised that the Lord protected him from what could have been a fatal accident. The Lord has miraculously protected him time and again.  Falling off the top of a 12 ladder just weeks after the telephone incent.  Once he was passing a semi and another semi appeared and just as he thought they would hit head on the road made way for oncoming semi to pull on the shoulder.  Everyone unscathed. 

As I read these verses too many memories of my dad's generosity flooded my mind to even mention. My dad has not only helped out each of my siblings as well as my own family. But he has for years employed many individuals, some that most wouldn't even give the time of day to. Some he hired when he didn't need help, but they needed money. He has bought tools for men to be able to work, bought an air conditioner for an employee with small children, sponsored numerous school activities, girl scouts and church events. Just recently he posted bail for one of his employees, not only once, but TWICE! When we went up over Easter we enjoyed a meal out, which he quietly picked up the ticket before the waitress ever brought it, and then when we got home from our trip, I was taking Wyatt out of the car seat and found that he was sitting on a $100 bill. My dad has many times hidden money around our house, or filled up our vehicles with gas just to be a blessing to us, and never has he said he did it. He just quietly goes on his way of being kind hearted to the poor.

My dad has been an excellent example of showing a meek and humble concern for those who are struggling. He is a mentor to me without saying a word. I thank you Lord for a Father who has such a caring heart.


Aunt Mouse said...

What a kind guy your dad is! Bless his heart!

Suzanne, I started a space over here called "Aunt Mouse's Garden". I had many friends come over here, so after procastinating a long time, I decided to take a leap of faith! (Grin) Thanks for visiting my other spot "A Lady and her Dog share a Blog". I will try both for a while, eventually coming over here for good. Take care!

aka "Aunt Mouse"

Elizabeth said...

Your dad sounds like the best! What a wonderful tribute to your father! I'm sorry your dad was hurt, but I am thankful it wasn't worse- poor guy :(

Christine said...

What an wonderful man your dad is!
It's nice to hear of selfless acts like these. Makes the world feel like a better place knowing their are good, kind hearted people like your dad in it.
Thank you for sharing this. It helped me continue to have faith, that God is watching and taking care of us.
I'm glad your dad is OK!

Tabbitha said...

Now i understand where u get it :) so thankful for your dad's life and that his life resulted in you :) u both make the world a better placee.


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