Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hearts, Butterflies and Tornados

Saturday the older three kids were all sitting at the table making me Mother's Day cards. Although the element of surprise was missing, the thought warmed my heart. Gabby finished her card 1st and showed me. It was covered in hearts, next was Makensie and her card had butterflies. Lastly Brian brought me his and it was filled with all sorts of wild and colorful scribbles. I said, "oh, wow, this is a really colorful...picture, thank you." He then proclaimed, "It's a tornado, just for you." Nothing says love like a tornado. Much like their personalities, each picture was so different. Gabby is so loving, Makenise is a little flighty and Brian is definitely like the like tornado in our home.

1 comment:

Christine said...

How precious? Just makes you all warm and feeling the LOVE!

Your comment about the tornado made me LOL! As a SAHM of 4 too, that was priceless.

Katelyn my 4yo loves butterflies too.

Have a great Monday!


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