Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm going home

The kids and I are headed to my parents this afternoon...for 18 days! Allen will be coming up for the weekend as it is the town's Good Ol Days festival. This is one of our favorite weekends. They get it off with a parade on Friday night and then the entire downtown area is blocked off for a chicken dinner and dancing with live bands. Saturday there are 3 blocks of craft booths, the car show, sometimes a bed race, the kids rides, entertainment and and old fashion red garter saloon. When I get back I'll post a picture of the summer I was a saloon girl. Not to mention the food...funnel cake, homemade pies and ice cream, kettle corn.

I plan to shopping with one sister on Friday and then we are having a girls night with my sisters and cousin. After the festival we've made it a little tradition now that the kids and I stay for 2 weeks following and all the cousins have sorta cousin camp at my mom's. We take the kids to swimming lessons in the morning and then the community center offers all sorts of other classes for $5 a class. Where we live now it is $45 a kid and that just gets a little pricey. One summer I actually stayed 6 weeks. During that time the kids took every class they were interested in and it was so much fun and really wore them camp, swimming, flag, pom pon, cheerleading, cooking, tumbling, ballet. Most classes only ran an hour and were either M/W or T/TH. Of course we had a beautiful 15 passenger church van (I'll post a pic of that too).

Allen comes up and visits, but summer is his busy time so we don't see much of him anyway. I did help prepare for my absence by shopping for him yesterday. Wow, are convenience foods expensive! Probably still cheaper than eating out though.

All that to say, I probably won't be posting for a while. I'm so thankful and excited that I get to go home. I haven't lived there since just weeks after I graduated high school 17 years ago, but it still feels like home. And there is nothing better than to rest in my mom's nest. She is the most serving and giving person. I just want to walk in the house, hand over the baby and cry in gratefulness as to how much relieve it will be to have her give me a break for a little while.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

There's A Stranger In My House.

As I sat nursing 8 week old Wyatt, that unmistakable gurgle hit my gut. As the evening progressed so did the seriousness of my ailment. As I sat on my porcelain throne trembling and worried with trash can dumped out on the floor for a make shift bucket, I debated whether to call someone for help to watch the kids. They hadn't read the manual of how to act when momma is sick. Instead they were running in to tell me "Brian changed the channel on the TV" and me saying "I don't care". Them running in to ask "Are you done yet? We have to go potty", me saying "I DON'T care, go upstairs". Them running in to tell me, "Brian dumped out the bottle of glue on the chair in the office" Me yelling, "I DON'T CARE!"

I summoned my oldest, Makensie age 7, and asked her to call daddy and tell him to pick up the pace and get home that I was really sick. Unfortunately Allen was still about 30 minutes away. I also asked her for a wet washcloth because at this point, I was thinking I was going to pass out. I told her that if I did pass out, NOT to call 911! She could however, go to our sweet elderly neighbors house and ask Miss Virginia to come and sit with the baby until daddy got home. After all, the last thing I want on my record of humiliating experiences, is to be passed out on the floor with my panties around my ankles.

Then the door bell rang. Since it is so late, it only made sense that it had to be someone we knew. The kids all start yelling, "Go to the back door!" Now our front door hasn't opened from the inside for about a year now, yet somehow appears to be #131 on someone's honeydo list. Then I hear the stampede to the kitchen. How is it possible that 3 kids that weigh less than 40lbs each sound as if a fleet of octopus wearing work boots rose up and were trampling through the house?

I hear the back door open and knew it had to be a close friend because the rule is to never ever ever ever open the door to a stranger. At this point I am not mustering up the energy to be moving anywhere. I was thinking to myself, "Thank you Lord! Please let them be able to stay with the baby just until Allen gets home. "

Then I hear the stampede heading my direction. Makensie and Gabby come in and shout excitedly, "mom, it's one of your friends." I ask of course, "Which one?" You have to imagine this next part as if viewing it thru a slow motion camera... Makensie gestures to the bathroom door as she says, "Thiiiiiissssss oooonnnne." And now joining me in the bathroom is a complete stranger. I sat looking up at her, my mouth wide open, sounds in my head I didn't know existed. Gabby helped explain the slightly awkward situation by letting her know, "momma's sick. She has diarrhea." As she wrinkled up and pinched her nose and fanned the air.

Ya think? She had to have guessed that when she walked into our bedroom! But wait! It gets better, as she stood there and went ahead to tell me that she had stopped by to see if I had a playpen to get rid of.

Well, I shouldn't’t have said she was a complete stranger, I had met her at my yard sale a couple of days previous. And a couple of days previous I would have gladly in my yard, dressed have discussed the sale of the playpen.

At this point my head is whirling, partly from the embarrassment and partly from the shock that I had to then ask her if I could finish going to the bathroom, then we could talk. I wanted to scream "IS THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING?! AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SEE I'M ON THE TOILET?!"

I am having a complete lack of understanding of what in the world my children were thinking! I didn’t even want to leave the bathroom. I splash my face with cold water, lean over the sink and glance into the mirror and tell myself "This is it. This is THE most embarrassing moment of my life." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But not laugh like funny haha, laugh like crazy insane then burst into tears and then back into laughing, they're-coming-to-take-me-away laughing. I bravely step foot into Wyatt's room to see Makensie folding up MY pack and play and I tell her and the gal that I'm not giving my pack and play away that I still use it, "that's why it is set up - Makensie" said in my best I'm trying to keep my composure here although I really want to scream voice.

Makensie then goes and gets my 2 month old baby out of the swing and brings him in and hands him to this lady, who by this time I'm 100% sure is not all there. And yet I'm considering sending my kids home with her. She hands him immediately back to me. Then says, "I don't like to hold them when they're that small" Although I specifically remember her having a kid, and correct me if I'm wrong, but she is wanting a pack and play. At this point my tummy is sounding off again. And for some reason I still fell the need to be polite as I usher her out apologizing for the quick visit, that I was just sick.

I will probably need to seek counseling for my post traumatic shock.

Thankful Day 7

This is my final day of posting my thankful list. I should have posted yesterday, but it was a crazy day.

Thankful for my friends in my life, whether they are family, close friends, online, of just occasional.

Thankful for the book of Proverbs and the Holy Spirit wispering wisdom from those verses when I need them most.

Thankful for when I peek in the crib and Wyatt is sweetly asleep with both hands raised over his head.

Thankful for when Makensie gives me a toothless grin. She lost 4 baby teeth all right in a row and is still working on getting the adult teeth in.

Yesterday was the day I was running errands. Nothing yesterday morning went as planned, Wyatt wanted to nurse more, the kids weren't getting their chores done and were fighting constantly which required many correction sections by the time we left he house it was 1:15 and when we got in the van all 3 of them started complaining that they were hungry. And they should be, as crazy as it sounds, I completely forgot about lunch in the midst of all the chaos. So we went grabbed tacos and they ate in the van. We finally made it to WalMart, our one stop store and while there I bumped into a lady I worked with 7 years ago. She has now adopted 2 litttle ones, is a stay home mom, here in town and I hadn't ran into her this whole time. She was always a joy. She mentioned that she has no friends with little ones and isn't involved in any mom's groups. Of course we exchanged numbers and it was a true blessing that God had us on the same isle at the same time. I need to learn to not stress out as much, had all gone smoothly and we had gotten out the door at my planned time, I wouldn't have seen her and since it has been 7 years, it could have been another 7.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thankful Day 6

The smell of food on the grill
After shower clean feeling
The 1st peak of sun in the mornings
The sound of a Whipporwill
The taste of a cold clean water

I lost my journal and of all the things that could have happened my mentor was the one who God pointed it to and she is bringing it to me today.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Flowers or weeds

I was talking with my friend and mentor this morning. She was sharing about her garden. She has added a fountain, has flowers planted, a garden growing, a sitting area there to enjoy and admire the fruits of her labor. As I was on the phone with her I walked outside to sit and look at my own yard. Now remember that I did attend college for horticulture/floriculture. However, my yard looked as if an abandon home had it's yard mowed. My rose garden is completely overran with weeds, the English Ivy has taken over the fence and all the bushes that landscape the front porch, the birdseed feeder is gone, the naked ladies, iris' and tulips are not blooming. It is really quite a sad sight. My husband is wonderful at making sure our yard is mowed and the edges trimmed so that we aren't fined for having a pasture in town. I am not committed to following through with the little extras that turn our yard from just serving a purpose to being a delight to the senses.

I have no natural gifting in the area of gardening. And since I have accepted that I have allowed this to be an excuse for how our yard appears. I keep hoping one of our neighbors will nominate us for some HGTV special for someone who needs help, but so far neither Ty Pennington or any of his costars have rang the doorbell.

In Psalms 44:1 the writer says that he knows of God because his ears have heard about all God has done for his father. As I posted about faithbooking last week, I realized that what started out to be something tangible for me to remember and see God's works in my life, it will be equally important for my kids to be able to look through and see also. How will my children grow to know Him unless I'm talking about Him? How will my children grow to love Him unless they see us love Him and see the love He has for us? It is my responsibility to tend to the hearts of my own children so that they bear the fruits of the Spirit. Left to themselves they will develop just as my yard has. They might have the appearance of a fresh cut but there is nothing more that they are growing. The areas in their hearts that with pruning could produce beautiful flowers and delicious fruits to offer others, may eventually be choked with weeds from lack of proper feeding.

I issued a challenge last week to find 5 things a day to be thankful for, I'm going to put a little twist on that challenge. In addition to those 5 things, find one thing each day in which God showed Himself real to you that day. No matter how big or small.

For example: I was mad at my husband and was going to leave without a note just to prove my point and give him a little scare even if it was just to WalMart for a couple of hours. My van which has had no problems before, would start and then die after a second or two not allowing me to get anywhere. It eventually made it to the middle of the drive and I left it parked there. Allen got home, I let him know the van was broke. He got in, started it and drove around the block and it has been fine every since. I knew at the time it was childish behavior, but to be honest I really didn't care. God allowed me time to cool off without doing anything stupid to cause more conflict.

Many blessings to you this day as you tend your own little gardens.

Thankful Day 5

Dinner with good friends

Kids playing in the yard after dark. It reminds me of my childhood.

Someone else doing the dishes

Neck rubs

Pretty table clothes

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thankful Day 4

Our huge front porch.



That feeling of laying down after a purely exhausting day.

Soaking my feet at the end of a purely exhausting day.

Thankful Day 3

While yesterday from 8-4pm was suppose to be yard sale day, it really ran from Friday noon-2am this morning so I didn't get to post yesterday.

The yard sale box balancing at the end of the day.

Selling a lot of stuff so that we don't have to pack it back up.

Being able to bless some other families in need with some donations.


A beautiful Day.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thankful Day 2

This is day 2 of the 7 day challenge.
1. coupons in the sunday paper
2. dirty feet on the kids from playing outside all morning
3. All my carpets vaccuumed
4. Yard Sales
5. The way Brian runs down the stairs each morning and hollers "mommy!" as if I had been gone for a long time then gives me a big hug and kiss.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm thankful for

Migraine Medicine
Burp Rags
Really Fluffy Comforters

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I am not a scrapbooker. And I have to admit that often times I feel like I'm really missing out. I've attended parties and by no fault of the hostess, the spark just wasn't there. I don't take pictures very often and then if I do get around to developing the film it is doubtful that I'm going to have the time, patience or money to take all my kiddos over to Hobby Lobby to try to find the right paper, stickers and embellishments for the page. Plus, my creative skills are not so great, so finding the right embellishments for the page just seemed overwhelming. However, I did attend a card party with Stampin Up a couple of years ago and found my soul mate in the crafting world. I wanted to buy everything. I have found it great therapy for me. I can use anything I find to throw on the cards, but just the thought of adding pictures seems too daunting.

I also have privately journaled for years and I would say that I have close to 15 journals completely filled with notes, stories, thoughts, struggles and many mistakes. Writing comes much easier for me. Maybe because at this point in life, my brain is too full and tired to be much more creative.

My love language is several mixed together, but words and gifts are my top two. God has proved Himself loving to me in those ways time and again. I love that God knows exactly how to touch my soul and to touch me when I am needing him the most. Recently I was standing in the kitchen crying after someone had hurt my feelings and made me question my value to them. The phone rang and I cowgirled up to quit crying and answer sounding as happy as I could possibly fake. On the other end was a woman I know. A Godly woman that mentors in our moms group. She wasn't my mentor, we barely knew each other. Yet she called to tell me how wonderful she thought I was. ME! When I think so highly of HER. She had some really kind words of encouragement for me. God had prompted her to call me. He loved me through someone tangible. This has happened on many occasions over the years.

My second love language is gifts. Now while it would be nice if those gifts were a new house, a vacation or new excursion, our needs right now are just the basics and He says that He will provide all our needs. Allen opened his own business with no capital just over 2 years ago. We were so naive. Almost every dime still goes back in the business. The winter is slower and so the first couple of busy months we are playing catch up and the last couple of busy months we are trying to save up enough to get us through the slow times. The month of December 05 we were extremely strapped. God intervened and took care of us. We didn't lose our house, we didn't have the electricity cut off, we were well fed. A couple of the gifts we received during that month were: (only a handful of people knew the degree of our situation) a large job with enough profit to pay our house payment 4 days before it sold at the courthouse for foreclosure, one of Allen's brothers showed up expectantly with their van full of groceries and completely filled our pantry with part of his bonus, the other brother stocked our freezer with a beef that he had been given, a check for $100 and a card saying it was for gas to go home for Christmas, over $300 in misc gift checks or money came in, I had a tooth that was hurting and we had no insurance - the mailman delivered a certified letter containing a visa gift card with no name just a card stating it was valued at $250 and hoped it would cover my dentist appointment. There were gifts left on our backdoor anonymously for the kids for Christmas gifts. These are just the ones off the top of my head.

It is my goal to put these happenings and memories into a scrapbook so that when I am facing troubles, I can pull it off the shelf and see proof positive that God has taken care of all my needs in the past and I can have hope in that He will the next time also. I wish I would have started earlier on in life to start a scrapbook of all the incidents in life that God has proved faithful and good. We started a thankful journal. It's actually a recipe card holder with 365 index cards in it with the date on each one for a year. Each night after devotions we say something we are thankful for and it goes on the card. I look forward to reading them and adding to them year after year. I had done this in a journal for myself and it was a such a blessing to myself to try to find 5 different things each day to be thankful for. And after all the big things are named, it was a true joy to start seeing even the little things in life in which we have to be thankful for...ibuprofen, that parking space right in front of the door, jello for snack time, a baby's burp, and brown sugar for my coffee.

I challenge you for the next week to find 5 things a day you are thankful for and post them if you feel up to it. I am guessing you'll have so much fun that you'll continue it as a habit.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Highway Horror

We were on our way back to college after a fun weekend trip to a friends home. The windows were down to allow at least the breeze in since it was scorching hot outside and this car had no air-conditioning, in fact, we were lucky it ran at all. And with the windows down, we actually had a nice cross breeze with the holes in the floor board.We were singing to whatever song we could find on the stations in the middle of Kansas on some little mostly unknown highway.

It was the quickest route between Manhattan and Wichita. There are many things in life to fear and many things to fear in the flat lands. I had been in Wichita on two separate occasions when there were tornadoes, but this threat was even worse.

On a long stretch of quiet highway we enjoyed the beautiful sights of the pastures and sky. There were several tractors working in the fields and mowing in the ditches. Up ahead of us, there was something covering the entire road for as far as we could see. As we neared, it looked as if all the grass from the ditches has been thrown onto the highway. I glanced into the rear view mirror and could see the blades floating into the air as my 82' chevette cruised through at it's top speed of 45 mph. Any faster and it would shimmy so badly it was uncontrollable. As I glanced in the mirror again, my delight turned to curiosity with the way the leaves were tumbling through the current. Then even more strange was the way the blades were rising in the still air in front of the car before we even got to them. Then my curiosity turned to terror as suddenly one of the "blades" landed on the windshield. It was then that we realized it was too late to turn back that we were in the middle of a swarm of large grasshoppers.

I started screaming, trying desperately to roll up the window that had lost the rotating end to grasp ahold of. "COVER THE FLOOR HOLES!" My arms were literally shaking and my knuckles turned white as I held tightly to the wheel. Soon enough we were on open clean road again. Both of us sweating. The sound of pure silence. Then as we look at each other, I was able to start laughing at our life threatening event was now over. I rolled down the window again. My dear friend in all her wisdom asked me to pull over that she needed to get out for a second. When we stopped she open the hatchback to free about 20 grasshoppers that unknowingly to me, had joined us. I hate to think what would have happened it one would have jumped on me. After all, my dad had placed a bumper on the riding lawnmower when I was young after I had a couple of accidents like running into trees, cars, etc., in pursuit of trying to get them off me or abandoning the mower all together while it was going.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Guess Who's Expecting?!

Not me! At a function last night, an older man, a complete stranger walked up and asked where Allen was and then asked which kids were ours, then as he pointed at my stomach asked, "And your due again when?" I let him know that I was just fat. Then he said, "wow, 4 kids, you guys need a bigger tv."

I wanted to smart off and let him know that his tummy might be more easily mistaken for pregnancy than mine, but I didn't. I just pointed him in the direction of my hubby. I was more shocked by the 2nd comment than the 1st, as we were at a home-school event and at a church that truly believes that children are a gift and you don't turn down a gift from God. 11 of the probably 20 families participating had a minimum of 4 children. When he said this, I was waiting in the refreshment line with the girls.

I had previously while waiting been debating with myself as to whether I really wanted to use my points on cake or not. I decided that I did. Not only did I get a piece of wonderful, non store bought, but melt in your mouth cake, it had a wonderfully thick layer of the creamiest frosting. I also added some nuts to the side and grabbed a cup of punch. I wanted to just shove the whole peice in and smile and wave to the gentleman and give him a thumbs up from across the room, but I didn't.

I have lost 16 lbs now down from the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Wyatt, however have a long ways to go. It was new motivation to get on the treadmill today.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Prose About My Precious Sweet Little Boy

...just because a 4ft branch will fit up the dryer vent doesn't mean it's a good idea.
....just because there is a small hole in the wall doesn't mean we put all our toys and silverware in there!
....just because you have a pocket knife doesn't mean it's ok to burrow a small hole in the wall.
...just because you found scissors outside doesn't mean that we cut all the leaves off my plants.
...just because your screen is cut doesnt' mean that we throw our toys out the 2nd story window.
...just because you found the scissors upstairs doesn't mean that you cut the screen and throw the scissors outside.
...just because our couch is fraying doesn't mean it needs a hair cut.
...just because you have (now had) scissors in your school box doesn't mean they are for cutting hair, your's or Gabby's, hence the flat top you now have.
....just because there is toothpaste in the bathroom doesn't mean you squirt it all out.
....just because there are dixie cups in the bathroom doesn't mean we put every one of them in the toilet.
...just because Wyatt has been in his crib for a while, doens't mean he wants you to yell "surprise" and startle him to waking up.
...just because our elderly neighbor is pleasant enough to talk to you and told you to come back again sometime, doesn't mean you do so every time you go outside.
...just because there is a water hose outside doesn't mean it's ok to spray the boys walking home from school no matter how funny it is.
...just because you and Gabby are playing with the water hose doesn't mean you chase her inside with it.
...just because you want to make bubbles doesn't mean squirting out the dish-soap on the counter is the best way to do it.
...just because there is a live mole in the yard doesn't mean we pet it.
...just because there is dead crow in the yard doesn't mean we pet it.
...just because you dropped your socks in the toilet, doesn't mean I want you retrieving them and bringing them to me.
...just because you can reach the gear shift doesn't mean you shift it into drive while I'm trying to load the stroller.
...just because you know where the lawnmower keys are doesn't mean you can start it.
...just because you like to see fire doesn't mean you light all the matches.
...just because there are rocks outside doesn't mean we throw them at daddy's truck.
...just because you are awake first doesn't mean you can jump on your sister's bed to wake her up.
...just because you figured out how to get on top of the refrigerator doesn't mean it's a good idea!
...just because you want to know if glass will break, doesn't mean you hit our glass patio table with a baseball bat to find out.
...just because the magic eraser commercials say it takes of permanent marker does not mean you should try it on our newly painted textured frontroom walls, bathroom sinks or even white walls.
...just because the birds look cold, it is not okay to open your window, cut out the screen and pour bird seed on your floor to attract the birds into your room, even if it is only 45' outside!
...just because you got a self inking stamp out of the treasure chest at the Dr.'s, doesn't mean that you complete cover your body and the side of Wyatt's face with them as you sit quietly in the back seat.
...just because you see a strange man in the grocery store, doesn't mean that it's a good idea to ask "Whatch yo name, fool?" in Mr T fashion.
...just because you see a strange woman in the grocery store, doesn't mean that it's a good idea to say, "Hey, nasty", just to see how shocked you can make others and red you can make me.
...just because I hear you say, "Shorry." doesn't mean you did something wrong.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

101 Fun Summer Activites For the Half Pints

1. Make a paper chain for counting down the days left of summer.
2. Make a what to do box with ideas for when kids are bored. (add a few chores)
3. Get 365 3x5 cards, put the date on the top of the card. Each day add one memory or what you are thankful for. Can add to them each year.
4. Start an insect collection/display.
5. Make and decorate beach bag tote.
6. Make some homemade Father’s Day cards
7. Decorate a cake together (time not perfection is the goal)
8. Go camping in the back yard.
9. Go to the park
10. Set up an obstacle course in the yard and have a competition
11. Have a block party potluck on the 4th of July.
12. Color with your kids.
13. Face painting…and arm…and back…
14. Decorate a T-shirt
15. Visit a nursing home.
16. Make personalized kids stationary.
17. Paint the bathtub with tempera paints.
18. Decorate your flipflops.
19. Watch a train pass by and count the cars.
20. Read outside on a blanket in the yard.
21. Play a board game outside on a blanket in the yard.
22. Plant some flowers to care for together.
23. Try a new recipe together.
24. Start a family scrapbook together.
25. Play in the sprinkler
26. visit the pool
27. Water gun fights
28. Wash the cars
29. Play croquet
30. Sidewalk chalk
31. Take a walk
32. Ride your bike
33. Have a lemonade stand
34. Have a spa day for the dolls
35. Indoor campout
36. have an Hawaiian luau
37. Take the stuffed animals to the Vet.
38. Play Dress Up.
39. Make a terrarium
40. Paint on your windows with tempera paint.
41. Make mud pies.
42. Fly a kite.
43. Dig up some worms.
44. Go fishing.
45. Wade in a creek.
46. Have a game night.
47. Redecorate a child’s bedroom.
48. Go to some yard sales.
49. Play with some play dough.
50. Blow bubbles.
51. Color your own carnations (white carnations in colored water)
52. Play checkers.
53. Teach your little one embroidery.
54. Write out goals for the coming year.
55. Visit the Gentry Safari.
56. Learn a new yo-yo trick
57. Go to the fair.
58. Go bowling.
59. Go miniature golfing.
60. Learn a new card game.
61. Eat outside.
62. Have a treasure hunt
63. Go to the drive in
64. Start making Christmas gifts.
65. Visit the library.
66. Have a pajama, popcorn and movie day on a really hot day.
67. Go for a hike.
68. Celebrate Daughter’s Day/Son’s Day (you pick the date)
69. Play in the rain.
70. Have a backwards day.
71. Lay out under the stars.
72. have an ice cream social
73. Lay out under the clouds.
74. Play catch.
75. Decorate their bikes.
76. Go to the lake
77. Put together a puzzle
78. Have a bubble gum blowing contest.
79. Tissue paper flowers.
80. Grill out.
81. Visit a museum
82. Play in the sand
83. Hopscotch
84. Visit Natural Falls
85. Make homemade ice cream.
86. Have a talent show.
87. use the binoculars for a day.
88. Go Bird watching.
89. Have a disco dance.
90. play horse shoes
91. build a tree house
92. discover your hometown
93. Make a family logo, motto, t-shirt
94. Make a bead necklace
95. make a color/ABC book. Find something to go on each page.
96. Write letters to cousins.
97. paint rocks.
98. Have a parade.
99. Volunteer together.
100. Visit a factory.
101. Stock up on arts and craft items at back to school sales.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

I just love May Day. The memory of picking fresh flowers from the yard (aka weeds and dandalions) and making a clumpsie paper basket to hang on our neighbors doors just so we can ring the bell and run. It was silly and fun then and still is now.

Today is May Day and in place of sunshine we have a wonderful spring rain. The kids enjoyed some time outside splashing around enjoying the showers. We also made 3 dozen flower shaped sugar cookies and decorated them. This will was an all day event and will be an all day clean up event tomorrow. We even decorated 8 small boxes with scrapbook paper and a ribbon for a handle, tucked the cookies inside some wax paper, topped them with some tissue paper and stamped a little notecard that says, "Love your neighbor as Yourself, Happy May Day, The Griffin Kids.

We finally loaded into the van after girl scouts at 8pm tonight to take our deliveries. Some to neighbors, some to friends, some to elderly. The kids loved it and I loved watching them. They would take turns sneaking up to the house, slowly hang the basket on the door handle and then pound on the door or ring the bell and then run full speed back to the van. There favorite was when they could see someone sitting in the frontroom and they didn't get caught. We only had one melt down because Brian didn't shut the door soon enough and we were discovered before I could take off. Poor Gabby, she really lives in the moment.


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