Thursday, May 03, 2007

101 Fun Summer Activites For the Half Pints

1. Make a paper chain for counting down the days left of summer.
2. Make a what to do box with ideas for when kids are bored. (add a few chores)
3. Get 365 3x5 cards, put the date on the top of the card. Each day add one memory or what you are thankful for. Can add to them each year.
4. Start an insect collection/display.
5. Make and decorate beach bag tote.
6. Make some homemade Father’s Day cards
7. Decorate a cake together (time not perfection is the goal)
8. Go camping in the back yard.
9. Go to the park
10. Set up an obstacle course in the yard and have a competition
11. Have a block party potluck on the 4th of July.
12. Color with your kids.
13. Face painting…and arm…and back…
14. Decorate a T-shirt
15. Visit a nursing home.
16. Make personalized kids stationary.
17. Paint the bathtub with tempera paints.
18. Decorate your flipflops.
19. Watch a train pass by and count the cars.
20. Read outside on a blanket in the yard.
21. Play a board game outside on a blanket in the yard.
22. Plant some flowers to care for together.
23. Try a new recipe together.
24. Start a family scrapbook together.
25. Play in the sprinkler
26. visit the pool
27. Water gun fights
28. Wash the cars
29. Play croquet
30. Sidewalk chalk
31. Take a walk
32. Ride your bike
33. Have a lemonade stand
34. Have a spa day for the dolls
35. Indoor campout
36. have an Hawaiian luau
37. Take the stuffed animals to the Vet.
38. Play Dress Up.
39. Make a terrarium
40. Paint on your windows with tempera paint.
41. Make mud pies.
42. Fly a kite.
43. Dig up some worms.
44. Go fishing.
45. Wade in a creek.
46. Have a game night.
47. Redecorate a child’s bedroom.
48. Go to some yard sales.
49. Play with some play dough.
50. Blow bubbles.
51. Color your own carnations (white carnations in colored water)
52. Play checkers.
53. Teach your little one embroidery.
54. Write out goals for the coming year.
55. Visit the Gentry Safari.
56. Learn a new yo-yo trick
57. Go to the fair.
58. Go bowling.
59. Go miniature golfing.
60. Learn a new card game.
61. Eat outside.
62. Have a treasure hunt
63. Go to the drive in
64. Start making Christmas gifts.
65. Visit the library.
66. Have a pajama, popcorn and movie day on a really hot day.
67. Go for a hike.
68. Celebrate Daughter’s Day/Son’s Day (you pick the date)
69. Play in the rain.
70. Have a backwards day.
71. Lay out under the stars.
72. have an ice cream social
73. Lay out under the clouds.
74. Play catch.
75. Decorate their bikes.
76. Go to the lake
77. Put together a puzzle
78. Have a bubble gum blowing contest.
79. Tissue paper flowers.
80. Grill out.
81. Visit a museum
82. Play in the sand
83. Hopscotch
84. Visit Natural Falls
85. Make homemade ice cream.
86. Have a talent show.
87. use the binoculars for a day.
88. Go Bird watching.
89. Have a disco dance.
90. play horse shoes
91. build a tree house
92. discover your hometown
93. Make a family logo, motto, t-shirt
94. Make a bead necklace
95. make a color/ABC book. Find something to go on each page.
96. Write letters to cousins.
97. paint rocks.
98. Have a parade.
99. Volunteer together.
100. Visit a factory.
101. Stock up on arts and craft items at back to school sales.


Christine said...

We always had fun doing #51!
My kids have always wanted to make some homemade icecream.
Fun list.

Elizabeth said...

Ok, so I have to ask...Did you make up this list, or borrow it from a book? If you came up with all of these yourself- WOW :) Doesn't really matter though- the ideas are really great!!! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for all these great ideas, I will have to keep them for later days!

Have I told you lately how happy I am that you are posting regularly again!


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