Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm going home

The kids and I are headed to my parents this afternoon...for 18 days! Allen will be coming up for the weekend as it is the town's Good Ol Days festival. This is one of our favorite weekends. They get it off with a parade on Friday night and then the entire downtown area is blocked off for a chicken dinner and dancing with live bands. Saturday there are 3 blocks of craft booths, the car show, sometimes a bed race, the kids rides, entertainment and and old fashion red garter saloon. When I get back I'll post a picture of the summer I was a saloon girl. Not to mention the food...funnel cake, homemade pies and ice cream, kettle corn.

I plan to shopping with one sister on Friday and then we are having a girls night with my sisters and cousin. After the festival we've made it a little tradition now that the kids and I stay for 2 weeks following and all the cousins have sorta cousin camp at my mom's. We take the kids to swimming lessons in the morning and then the community center offers all sorts of other classes for $5 a class. Where we live now it is $45 a kid and that just gets a little pricey. One summer I actually stayed 6 weeks. During that time the kids took every class they were interested in and it was so much fun and really wore them camp, swimming, flag, pom pon, cheerleading, cooking, tumbling, ballet. Most classes only ran an hour and were either M/W or T/TH. Of course we had a beautiful 15 passenger church van (I'll post a pic of that too).

Allen comes up and visits, but summer is his busy time so we don't see much of him anyway. I did help prepare for my absence by shopping for him yesterday. Wow, are convenience foods expensive! Probably still cheaper than eating out though.

All that to say, I probably won't be posting for a while. I'm so thankful and excited that I get to go home. I haven't lived there since just weeks after I graduated high school 17 years ago, but it still feels like home. And there is nothing better than to rest in my mom's nest. She is the most serving and giving person. I just want to walk in the house, hand over the baby and cry in gratefulness as to how much relieve it will be to have her give me a break for a little while.


Amy said...

I hope you have fun, relax and just enjoy all the goodness that is home! Take care!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for letting us know you will be MIA for a while! It sounds like you will have an amazing time :) I hope it is wonderful for you and we will "see" you when you get back :)


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