Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

I just love May Day. The memory of picking fresh flowers from the yard (aka weeds and dandalions) and making a clumpsie paper basket to hang on our neighbors doors just so we can ring the bell and run. It was silly and fun then and still is now.

Today is May Day and in place of sunshine we have a wonderful spring rain. The kids enjoyed some time outside splashing around enjoying the showers. We also made 3 dozen flower shaped sugar cookies and decorated them. This will was an all day event and will be an all day clean up event tomorrow. We even decorated 8 small boxes with scrapbook paper and a ribbon for a handle, tucked the cookies inside some wax paper, topped them with some tissue paper and stamped a little notecard that says, "Love your neighbor as Yourself, Happy May Day, The Griffin Kids.

We finally loaded into the van after girl scouts at 8pm tonight to take our deliveries. Some to neighbors, some to friends, some to elderly. The kids loved it and I loved watching them. They would take turns sneaking up to the house, slowly hang the basket on the door handle and then pound on the door or ring the bell and then run full speed back to the van. There favorite was when they could see someone sitting in the frontroom and they didn't get caught. We only had one melt down because Brian didn't shut the door soon enough and we were discovered before I could take off. Poor Gabby, she really lives in the moment.


Carrie said...

How sweet! I have fond memories of May Day. So much fun!
God bless :)

Elizabeth said...

What a GREAT idea- I've never heard of it before, but it is such a kind way to bring joy to others in a small way :)

Dana said...

We did the same as kiddos! thanks for bringing up a sweet memory.


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