Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Prose About My Precious Sweet Little Boy

...just because a 4ft branch will fit up the dryer vent doesn't mean it's a good idea.
....just because there is a small hole in the wall doesn't mean we put all our toys and silverware in there!
....just because you have a pocket knife doesn't mean it's ok to burrow a small hole in the wall.
...just because you found scissors outside doesn't mean that we cut all the leaves off my plants.
...just because your screen is cut doesnt' mean that we throw our toys out the 2nd story window.
...just because you found the scissors upstairs doesn't mean that you cut the screen and throw the scissors outside.
...just because our couch is fraying doesn't mean it needs a hair cut.
...just because you have (now had) scissors in your school box doesn't mean they are for cutting hair, your's or Gabby's, hence the flat top you now have.
....just because there is toothpaste in the bathroom doesn't mean you squirt it all out.
....just because there are dixie cups in the bathroom doesn't mean we put every one of them in the toilet.
...just because Wyatt has been in his crib for a while, doens't mean he wants you to yell "surprise" and startle him to waking up.
...just because our elderly neighbor is pleasant enough to talk to you and told you to come back again sometime, doesn't mean you do so every time you go outside.
...just because there is a water hose outside doesn't mean it's ok to spray the boys walking home from school no matter how funny it is.
...just because you and Gabby are playing with the water hose doesn't mean you chase her inside with it.
...just because you want to make bubbles doesn't mean squirting out the dish-soap on the counter is the best way to do it.
...just because there is a live mole in the yard doesn't mean we pet it.
...just because there is dead crow in the yard doesn't mean we pet it.
...just because you dropped your socks in the toilet, doesn't mean I want you retrieving them and bringing them to me.
...just because you can reach the gear shift doesn't mean you shift it into drive while I'm trying to load the stroller.
...just because you know where the lawnmower keys are doesn't mean you can start it.
...just because you like to see fire doesn't mean you light all the matches.
...just because there are rocks outside doesn't mean we throw them at daddy's truck.
...just because you are awake first doesn't mean you can jump on your sister's bed to wake her up.
...just because you figured out how to get on top of the refrigerator doesn't mean it's a good idea!
...just because you want to know if glass will break, doesn't mean you hit our glass patio table with a baseball bat to find out.
...just because the magic eraser commercials say it takes of permanent marker does not mean you should try it on our newly painted textured frontroom walls, bathroom sinks or even white walls.
...just because the birds look cold, it is not okay to open your window, cut out the screen and pour bird seed on your floor to attract the birds into your room, even if it is only 45' outside!
...just because you got a self inking stamp out of the treasure chest at the Dr.'s, doesn't mean that you complete cover your body and the side of Wyatt's face with them as you sit quietly in the back seat.
...just because you see a strange man in the grocery store, doesn't mean that it's a good idea to ask "Whatch yo name, fool?" in Mr T fashion.
...just because you see a strange woman in the grocery store, doesn't mean that it's a good idea to say, "Hey, nasty", just to see how shocked you can make others and red you can make me.
...just because I hear you say, "Shorry." doesn't mean you did something wrong.


Carrie said...

Ooooh too funny!
Have a great Sunday!
God bless :)

Elizabeth said...

:) I sure hope this all didn't happen in the matter of a weekend!!! All I can say've got yourself a real, true boy there :) Thanks for making me laugh!!! :)

Dana said...

Boy oh Boy! that is why I cried when my 3rd kid was a boy. I blamed it on hormones but we all know the truth ;}

Amy said...

OK, you seriously have your hands full. The magic eraser thing is possibly the one that would have me in the most hysterics. Although, I will sing magic erasers praises. It has been my friend as of late!

Take care and get a short leash!

meg said...

I began just gently shaking my head in sympathy; progressed to smiling slightly in rememberance; ended up snorting & laughing out loud- especially over the comments to the poor people in the store!
Thanks for dropping by my garden- visitors are always welcome!

WendyJanelle said...

I bet that kid has gotten his fair share of spankin's! My goodness. God is trying to develop an awesome patient character in you, Suzanne.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing this! I totally relate. When you ask "What were you thinking when you did that?" and they reply, "I don't know?" with a suprised and somewhat horrified look. I truly believe them. The consequences that tend to follow most "good" ideas are hopefully "learning experiences":)


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