Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ask and you shall receive

Several of my friends asked for some funny things that my kids have done lately. So I thought I would share. I jot down anything I don't want to forget to journal about on a scrap on my frig so it was about time I took some off anyway.

At the Good Ol Day's Festival, they had a kids fair that requires a certain amount of tickets for each little game. Makensie wanted to play one so gave the guy her ticket. He told her that he needed 2 tickets. She stood looking at her one ticket for a bit, then tore it in half and gave him the 2 tickets.

I have a little flip desk top calendar with sayings from "A woman after God's own heart." Each morning I've started reading them to Makensie as she seems to be so interested in being a mom and wife someday. I wish she had a better example than me. So Tuesday morning we read, "We should see our husband as our best friend, and we should work on building a friendship with him. That work takes planning, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort as they flow out of a heart that loves." Wanting to show off a little for Allen at supper since he didn't know I had been doing this with her I asked, "Makensie, do you remember what we talked about this morning and how we are suppose to treat our husbands. How are we suppose to treat our husbands?" She thought about it, then replied, "as a servant?". Allen was definitely impressed with all I've been teaching her.

I called everyone to the table for dinner and Brian strutted up and pulled a dime out of his pocket and slapped it on the counter top. "This is for you for being so sweet." I told him thank you. He walked over to the table and found the same plate he had been given for lunch, snack and now supper that he was refusing to eat. His jaw dropped and frustration swept over his little face. "Why did you give me this again?!" I told him, "because you haven't ate your lunch yet." He stomped back across the room stuck his palm out and stated, "then I want my dime back!" Ok.

At supper Makensie tells me, "I'm on the opposite diet as you because I need to gain weight because I'm getting so skinny." And she really is. "I need to eat things like bread and meat because papa told me that I need to put some meat on my bones."

I'll post some more with pictures later.


Christine said...

So cute! I have a journal for those little things they say, too.

I'm glad you joined the challenge! Have a blessed weekend!

Amy's Zoo said...

Your kids are nothing short of hilarious! Aren't kids the best for making you smile?!?!


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