Monday, June 25, 2007

Marriage Monday

My husband is so good at protecting me from everyone. I had been wanting him to shave his head and he surprised me and let me razor it last week. When we went over to his families house when everyone started giving him a hard time about going bald he never once said, "Suzanne's the one who wanted me to do it." Knowing they would start picking on me or worse, not say anything but think I made him do it. He is so good at having my best interest in mind, at times. He's not perfect, but he does love me even with all my crazy quirks.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanne,
I'm glad you are back, and I'm sorry I haven't had a chance till now to check up with you! I'm glad you are feeling refreshed, and renewed-it's amazing how a trip to see family can do that for you! We are heading to Altoona to visit my sis and her family for the weekend and I just cannot wait :)

Isn't it wonderful when husbands do things that aren't necessarily in their comfort zone, but they do it to please us? (and I can relate to the "bad guy" thing- my man loves his motorcycle and I love him on it!!! ;)

Have a wonderful day! :)

Carrie said...

Good hubby. Brownie points for him!
God bless :)

amy said...

What a sweet tribute! I totally forgot to do my marriage Monday. I will have to do it next week for sure!


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