Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Post Vacation Depression

I finally came back to our home. It's amazing what a difference 2 weeks can make. I feel rested, more in love with Allen, calmer with the kids and ready to tackle our daily tasks. Allen missed me also, we were like teenagers calling each other just after a couple of hours. I have missed my quiet time with my Lord, while I did get in some time while away, there was always so much to do and out of my routine that it got left out many mornings.

When I got home Allen surprised me with shaving his head, which was something I've wanted him to do for 2 years. I think he looks like a tough guy now, very hot. Maybe I really do like bad guys. This little act completely covered the sins of letting the dishes sit in the sink for two weeks and the fact I had to go to the grocery store just an hour after getting home since we were out of milk, know all that silly stuff that is usually in the frig and pantry. I felt bad for him that the magical little fairy that usually stocks all that didn't take care of it for him. He also had washed his clothes, however they were all on the floor in the laundry room, the clean mixed in with the dirty. I am sure the mailman would have been excited for him to have gotten the mail at least once while I was gone as I had to use a crowbar to get it out of the mailbox. But the most noticeable mess was the one directly behind our back door.

Just 15 feet behind our property line almost an entire block that was a field is now leveled and filled with rock. We knew it was coming but I'm sad work has started. Our 1st summer here, they were widening the street so there were all kinds of men working around the house and everything got dusty. I was nervous to let the kids go out and play by themselves, I was nervous who some of the men were and their backgrounds, they were not a crew from here. I saw 2 of them peeing in the yard, close to a tree, but still scarred for life. It was loud and there was always someone watching if we were outside. We had to park across the street as you couldn't even drive across the road most days. It was slightly inconvenient to go to the grocery store and make several trips from the car to the house with 3 little kids when your car if down the road.

This morning I slept in as Wyatt was up in the night for the first time in several weeks. I slept until the windows started rattling and the the floor was vibrating. I was disoriented but was sure we were having an earthquake. I jumped up and got dressed and realized it was really loud and it was coming from outside. Ahhh yes, the familiar sound of that huge tractor packing the earth. I remember that. I'm thankful that we had 2 summers here we weren't in the midst of construction, this is our 4th summer and we won't be opening the pool this year. Too many eyes around.

I'm praying that the lure of the huge equipment won't be too much for Brian to resist. He's like a bug drawn to light with tractors. I also pray that the man that gave him a sucker and a coke this morning is of good heart as he will be our new neighbor for the next several months. I pray that we will be able to befriend the crew as we did last time. We served many cold sweet teas and brownies and built a relationship that gave us an opportunity to share our faith. I was so pleased once when I came home with groceries that 1st summer when I heard 2 tractors shut off and saw several guys head my direction to grab my bags, one took the stroller and pushed the kids home and the other held my hand as I was stumbling up and over the mound of dirt and rocks to enter our driveway.

Lord thank you for my time with my parents and family, thank you for renewing my breath, thank you for our home and the sweet feel inspite of the bachelor pad smell and spiders that have taken over, thank you for a good and faithful husband, thank you for your will for our lives whatever it brings. Thank you for all the funny things that happen daily. Thank you for loving me.


Carrie said...

Construction! Ugh! But it sounds like you'll handle it well, with all of your previous experience.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation!
God bless :)

Amy said...

Awww, Susan, you know how to tear me up! It warms my heart that you are so good natured about your husband and his "faults". I know that can be difficult, but in spite of it, there is so much to be thankful for! Thanks for giving me that reminder today!

Sorry about the construction. That is just so not much fun. I have a bit of a paranoid delusional issue so I would not be opening a pool either. In fact, I'm so paranoid delusional I couldn't even have a pool just because I'd be so fearful of the peanut being too drawn to it! Ugh, I need to change that! :)

Take care and I hope you get some more sleep tonight!


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