Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great is the Lord

As I was reading this morning in Psalms, I was reminded that just as David talked about his city, my "city" to me is my home and family. And that which makes our homes great is not the house we live in, but the blessedness of the Savior within the walls of our homes and hearts.

We have a great home...for me, it's what I had always wanted, old and has a lot of character. We have a little over 3400 square feet, on a large lot, a pool, a beautiful large front porch. And we are selling it to downsize. I'm sad in a way as I love this house and what a blessing it has been at times for entertaining, the kids all have their own rooms plus a playroom. I realize that our next home will more than likely not be 1/2 this size. However, financially we have to be good stewards and it is sucking the life out of us financially and taking away our ability to have any left to put into the live of others. The verse has came alive...the LOVE of money is the root of all evil and when I'm stressed over money and meeting the month end I'm a lot more focused on money than on what I can do to be a blessing to others. , but I was glad that God reminded me that it is not the house that make the family but the heart that makes the home.

I was also reminded that I am not safe because of the "abundance of my soldiers" or in stay home mommy terms, the abundance of money in our checking account. But that I am protected because He is my Almighty Savior. He is the one who gives us protection over our homes and families for those who call on His name. This Love of money is the root of all evil in our marriage too. I can easily find myself in an ugly place of judging my husband when we have our own business and I see him doing things differently than I would or more accurately, acting like the back seat driver...telling him what I think he should be doing. I can get very critical and cold and irritated without ever saying a word to him about it. Then I get a God smack and am reminded that the money doesn't come in just because of Allen but by the Blessing of God to care for us as His own family. I want to be able to bend in repentance before Him rather than be brought to retribution by Him. Thank you Lord that you are our provider and protector. Thank you that your greatness fills our weakness and that we can come to seek your will and wisdom.


Carrie said...

What a great reminder, thanks for that! And good luck selling the house.

As for teaching Piano - I use a couple different books.
The main books I use are the Piano Adventures series by Faber and Faber. They're a big hit with the kids, the songs are cute, and they're not too juvenile.
Sometimes, if I have a younger student starting (like 5 or 6) I will put them in the Alfred's Premier Course. It's newer and moves at a little slower pace. The kids love those books too.
If I have a really young student (like 3 or 4), I use the Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts books.
Those are my favorites.

And good luck teaching! How exciting!

Hope this we helpful!

God bless :)

WendyJanelle said...

I love your house, too, but I know that you will make any house into a lovely home for your family. God will provide what you need, you're right.


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