Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Once Upon A Time

One upon a time, there were 4 little kids with a tired mom by day,
She heard of a special night at Chick Fil-A.
The night was for little princesses to celebrate,
A limo ride, tiara, and manicure after free they did ate.

Mom spent the afternoon helping the girls do costumes and hair
Then along came sad little brother asking, “What can I wear?”
So on goes the Spiderman outfit for him,
Topped with his cowboy boots, he fit right in.

Out to the van they were stopped and frustrated
As the tire was flat and needed inflated.
They drove to nearest Wal-Mart for help
The young man said, “30 minutes, yep.”

So in the waiting room mom sat with them all
But hunger quickly set in as the moods did fall.
Off through the store to buy crackers and pop,
Then back to wait for the rest of their stop.

Then the pop did pass and they all had to pee,
So off to the bathroom they headed with glee.
Then back to their cell as an hour had passed,
With mom getting nervous to leave and fast.

Finally their name was called to pick up the van,
But one little princess had to potty again.
Oh the looks that did fall upon the children for their dress,
Thinking mother had lost it, she must me a mess.

So 2 hours after they checked in the shop
They were back in the van and burnin blacktop.
The 30 minute ride was worth the time,
Til they pulled in to see about 100 princesses’ in line.

They quickly got their food and sat to eat,
And mom was so happy as she felt rather beat.
The line for the tiara’s was long and limo line longer,
So off to the playground the kids did sunder.

Mom enjoyed chatting with the other moms,
Then one little boy came in crying, but mom remained calm.
Til she heard him say, “that boy in the Spiderman outfit hit me”
Mom looked over her shoulder to see her son, the bully.

Before mom could finish apologizing and put baby down,
In walked another mom with a great big frown.
She bellowed out in really loud voice,
“Who has the little boy in Spiderman outfit?!” mom did not rejoice.

“He’s causing some trouble out here, big trouble.”
So outside did mom head, her footsteps did double.
100’s of eyes did watch when she crossed through the door,
And took him inside to give him the whatfore.

The line had cleared out so they decided to make the tiaras,
However as they entered that room the last one was given to a little girl named Sierra.
The princess sat and did some art work,
Mom reminding them to hurry, so in the limo line they could lurk.

Finally finished, to the limo line they head,
But a familiar face of a friend “they are done for the day” said.
Once again saddened
Mother a little maddened.

Off to the van to head on home,
2 whining kids asking for ice cream cones.
Child number 3 with a grateful heart,
Told mother thank you for all her days part.

The other two children throwing a fit,
Got in a fight and then Spiderman bit.
Mom got to the van with 3 little kids and a baby in tow,
She realized she didn’t have her bag so back in the store they go.

Leaving again with the kids still crying for dessert,
Moms disappointment in them and herself really hurt.
All buckled in now at 8 O’clock,
However the van wouldn’t start, it seemed to mock.

Sitting in silence and wondering why,
Mom had the call her most important guy.
Mom wanted to give up and cry,
But she took a deep breath and went inside.

Out to the playground they all did go,
Mom stopped for water and the manager was a real nice Joe.
Dad didn’t come but sent Billy his brother instead,
Dad thought mom just ran out of gas, mom thought dad was dead.

Another sweet mom offered a ride
But could only get 2 of the crew inside.
Mrs Dawdy kindly waited around with her girls
With a tired one herself that had lost her curls.

Billy put in more gas and nothing changed,
He worked and worked and called out some names.
At 10 O Clock, Chick Fil A, turned off their lights,
The family then headed to the van in the dimly lit night.

Dad called again to say their spare car,
Wasn’t starting either and he was still far.
Billy managed to get all 5 of them in his truck
And drove them all home, he’s a real great buck.

So today sits the van in lone parking space,
Mom still tired and praying for grace.
No vehicle in which to go
Mom thinking that’s fine, I’m feeling quite low.

Today is new day,
The failures of yesterday dismay.
They will keep this mom humble
The next time she sees another child stumble.

Today they pray there will be training and laughter
and someday report, they lived happily ever after.


Jerri Dalrymple said...

Wow! You know, after all you went through, you may not remember, but I ran into you in Wal-Mart that day, and thought what a great mom you were for taking your kids out dressed up! (This was before you reminded me of the Chik-Fil-A night) I thought, "Wow, she knows how to make going to Wal-Mart a fun experience instead of a tedious chore. Her kids get to have a great adventure!" I wish I were so creative. Then, after speaking to you about the Princess Night, I thought you an even greater mom, because I never even thought twice about driving the 30-40 minutes over to Fayetteville with my 3 girls! I'm so sorry to hear about what you went through! In the same situation my frustration would have probably ended in me coming home with one less child! (LOL, J/K) You are an amazing trooper, woman, and mother! My respect and admiration for you grows by leaps and bounds the more I get to know you! God is greatly at work IN your life and THROUGH your life! Rock on!

WendyJanelle said...

I'm still amazed that you had the humor and grace to write the poem about it!! :-D


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