Friday, August 24, 2007

Sharing my excitement

I thought I would share this with you fellow savings addicts, as I'm
sure you'll share my excitement, unlike my husband who looked at me
with that, "you need to get out more often" look.

WalMart had the large cans of Similace Organic marked down from $29.95
to $5.00 a can. God's timing is perfect as I lost my milk in the 4th
month just like every baby so far. I remembered there were coupons at
the Dr.'s office so I zipped over there and picked up the coupons for
$5.00 off a can of the Organic along with some for $3.00 off any other
similac products. I headed back to WalMart. Picked up 7 large powder
cans for $5.00 each and then the small concentrate simalac was on sale
from $3.98 marked down to .50cents a can. They are all dated a year
away, and I was told they were close out items, coming out with new
labels. So off course I had a little trouble at the checkout as the
cashier was going to have to ring up each can with one coupon as
seperate purchases, so they sent to me to customer service to check
out. I got $277.52 originally marked down to $42.50 and with the
coupons WalMart paid ME $22.50 when I left. I was really excited. I
asked if they wanted to say my name over the speaker for great savings
like at price cutter or take my picture or anything.


WendyJanelle said...

That is AWESOME!!! WOW! I definetly share your excitement!!

Indiana Amy said...

Holy cow, that is so cool! I am so happy that Wal-Mart had to pay out this time...good stuff!


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