Saturday, October 13, 2007

Would You Pass the Grace Please? Thank You.

God works in so many wonderful ways. I struggle with wanting to be all things, like the Prov 31 woman, and while that in itself is great, my feelings of failure when that isn't achieved is crippling. I was reminded yet again this last week that one of the reasons I have to struggle so hard at times to keep up with the being the submissive, honoring, loving mistress to my husband, the perfect housekeeper, the creative school teacher, the gentle mother with hugs, the firm parent trying to balance their hearts, the coupon queen to stock our pantry, the helpful secretary, the organized accountant, the gifted cook, the confident home manager... is so that it will be too large a task for me to handle without the help of Christ. If attaining the perfection that I view as the Prov 31 women were just an easily reached goal, my heart would be as the Pharisees and my tasks would bring me the glory rather than my heart being met at my lack and being filled by Him. I just pray that in the end, my children and husband will praise me and God will say "job well done."


Jerri Dalrymple said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. It has eased my heart to "hear" someone else express the same feelings of inadequacy. Oh, the many hats we wear! I can't wait to meet Miss Proverb 31, myself! :)

Amy said...

The most important part of it all is that we give whatever is in our hands to God. Like David who just had a slingshot, the boy who had the fish and Noah who had some wood and a's just important that whatever it is we give it to Him. I think you are effectively doing that Suzanne!


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