Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Time to Laugh and A Time to Weep

The pastor this past week mentioned that there were 28 comparison and "times" mentioned in the 3rd Chapter of Ecclesiastics. And he felt not by coincidence that there are 28 days in the Hebrew calendar and that in any given day we experience at least one of these "times". I thought that was really interesting. And I have to say with a family of 6 we experience several of these "times" each day. Having a new baby the year after my grandmother passed. Someone builds a Lego tower and someone else tears it down. The neighbors plant some beautiful flowers, the kids uproot them. Makensie kindly saves a cricket Brian kills it under foot. One child mourning at from losing another dancing in victory. Daddy gathering gravel, Brian scattering them at daddy's truck. Me giving the umpteenth embrace to little people while my baby pushes away in quest of freedom. Us searching for that one Barbie shoe and then having to give up to start supper only to find it in a pocket. The kids wanting to keep, me wanting to purge. Makensie tearing a dress, grandma mending it back up. Me still trying to figure out after 9 years of marriage when to speak and when to be quiet. I think the love and hate times are ongoing in our marriage and sometimes hard to tell which time we are actually in. Most times if I've declared war, he didn't get the message and is still living in peace.

So this was a day of laughing and weeping. As I watched Brian and was laughing at the fact that he still was wearing his new work goggles he got at the Lowe's workshop (now on day 2). I just had to laugh, not only did he look funny but I'm sure they were hot. He was SO serious about that he was a working man and had his working goggles on. So when he left the room and I laughed again, reminiscing of the days we had to wear the police helmet everywhere we went for a couple of weeks. But the laughing was interrupted by the weeping. As he rounded the corner I recognized the flow of blood as a head wound. I grabbed the red washcloth (every mom needs some red wash clothes so that kids don't know how bad they are bleeding) and when I inspected the wound right in the middle of his head I realized it was a puncture wound, a small one at that. When he hit his head (thanks to sister pushing him) a little piece on the inside of the goggles that was shaped like a small ball broke the skin. He was fine, just shaken and when it was over and Cars was on to distract the bruise all of life was good.

I hope your day is filled with laughing, new life, planting, healing, building, laughing, dancing, gathering, embracing, mending, loving, and peace. And if you are on the downside of those things, know that joy comes in the morning and you will soon be on the upside in this spinning life.

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

Ah, Suzanne, you are too kind/funny/thoughtful/insightful/spiritual. Thank you so much for this...you teach me to look into the small things, the funny things, when life is stressful. Thank you so much. I thank God for your friendship!


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