Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can We Focus Please?

So I hate to admit but my husband uses some choice words sometimes and of course those are the ones kids love to repeat. Brian has been at Grandma's house for 2 weeks now and will be coming home tomorrow. I'm so excited to have my little man home. Grandma mentioned that Brian had said a** a couple of times yesterday so we had a little conversation:

Me: Brian, a little bird told me today that you were saying bad words at grandma's house.
Brian: Was it in the house?
Me: I don't know, where were you when you said the bad words?
Brian: Is the bird still in the house?
Me: no.
Brian: I wanted to see a talking bird.
Me: He just stopped by to tell me you were saying bad words at grandma's house.
Brian: What did he look like?
Me: He was just little, but he whispered in my ear that you were saying some...
Brian: Did you catch him?
Me: Brian.... Listen...
Brian: Why didn't you trap him? (yelling/giggling with thrilling excitement to everyone at grandma's house..."momma had a talking bird in the house today!") Did he fly in when you opened the door?
Me: Brian...Forget the bird!...he's gone. Did you say some words you weren't suppose to use today?!
Brian: I just tried to use a little bit, not a whole bunch.
Me: Let's try to use none. OK?!


Elizabeth said...

Your kiddos say the darndest things (so do mine, but often I forget to write them down so they get lost in the shuffle of life) thanks for sharing your quips :) Oh, and so you don't feel alone, I have a hubby like that too :P

WendyJanelle said...

HAHAHA!! Brian is sooo funny.

My Dad likes to tell a story about me when I was about 5. He said he felt a draft and asked me to check the windows. Well, I just totally flipped out, questioning him and running around like crazy looking for that "giraffe." ;-)

Kids are great!

Pickle Sandwiches said...

Bwahahaha...Suzanne, God has equipped you for EVERY good work, indeed. Love it!


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