Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In My Spare Time I like to Sleep

I am way too busy to be blogging tonight. But here I am in my little comforter zone of order when the world is not. I think I'm addicted to busyness. I thrive on the challenge of getting more done. I know everyone is just as busy as me if not more so. I'm not complaining or looking for sympathy. Just thinking in the form of writing. So the next 6 weeks schedule?

This week I'm cleaning from 5-7am each morning the Dr's offices.
Library Story hour-Thursdays
Park Day - Fridays
Family Game or movie night on Friday nights
Lowe's Clinic-Saturday
Saturday Sundown Feast and Festivities every Saturday night
Easter brunch at church
Easter lunch at families Sunday
Weight loss class each Monday night at 5
Financial Peace Class each Monday night at 6:30
Host on online book/bible study each Monday night (we have over 80 ladies now, exciting)
Church on Wednesday nights
Friend's Arbonne party next Thursday
Mothering Matters (mops) every other Friday
Nature Notebook class
Always the temptation to hit the yard sales Friday mornings
Taking a new mom a meal
My open house for being a new Stampin UP! demonstrator (story to follow soon...exciting!)
The kids have an Education Fair and the 3 oldest are participating
Makensie's (Hanna Montana) bday party
Teaching the high school home school girls color draping and how to dress your body for individual personality and fit. Love doing this, and trust me I'm a better coach than a player.
Answers in Genesis seminar
Homeschool groups Spring Party
Homeschool curriculum Fair, as if I'm not confused enough by all the options.
Taxes are due, which mean I have to start them.
Youth writing contest deadline
Going out of town to help host a baby shower for my baby sister, she's all grown up now.
Making cards for the baby shower
The girls are each writing a book, have book assembly night
Our Dogwood Arts and Crafts festival and I have a booth to sell some of my windows and cards.
I need to paint some windows and make some cards 1st. Wouldn''t it be funny if I only had one of each? lol. That would probably scare some people, they would think I was crazy. Maybe I should wear my thong bikini too (remember I'm a heavy girl) and run around sometimes acting like I'm being chased by bees and tell passerbyers that all the rest of my inventory is invisible. I think this will also help me to win the case of insanity that I'm sure I'll need to take advantage of some day.
Young Authors Books presentation reception
Friends birthday, girls night out. I'll just say by this point in the game, I hate to be a bad friend, but don't count on me as the designated driver, I'll probably be starting the blender for breakfast.
Kindergarten graduation (yes Gabby is in 1st, but she didn't get to do the graduation last year and wants to, so...ya...that's part of homeschooling...choices, what can I say. Other than she's not going to be happy having to wear Makensie's blue robe when everyone got to pick their own colors this year and she finds out she could have picked hot pink or lime green.)
Rocky Branch School Field Trip to have a day of school in a one room school house.

This is all in addition to my already somewhat full daily schedule. Which I'll also post on. I have a lot of things that I want to write about. I have a huge list of mindless things I want to journal on. If I can just make it through the next 6 weeks I think things will slow down and we can breathe. Until then, bring on the Pepsi Max and coffee. And if a bourbon and gin street pedler wants to stop by, I'd probably be ok with that too.


Elizabeth said...

Are you for real? WHEW! Just reading that list left me exhausted. You reminded me of my mother- from the sounds of it, neither of you ever stop! I hope you have a chance to take a breather now and again :)

Stacy said...

Spare time... uh-huh.
I think I need an excedrin after just reading all that! :p

The Shan said...

It's a relief to see those other comments because I first laughed at your long list with descriptives. But, then I kinda wanted to cry. ;) I thrive on open schedules. Bahha


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