Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr. Roboto

So I really watched my tone yesterday...until right before supper. I have to admit that when 4 o'clock comes around this is my hardest part of the day. I'm getting worn out and tired. we've had a full day, Brian chased Gabby with a robe, found one of Allen's hunting knifes (don't ask) and started taking the bark off the tree, he messed up Gabby's bed after she made it, but that was Makensie's fault for hiding his candy under the sheets. Brian showed me his little collection of tools he's been stashing away that he's picked up from the construction site behind us if the guys leave their stuff laying close by, (this should really impress them as we had to go over and make things right just 2 days ago when they poured concrete in the ditch and when it was all smooth and finished Brian stabbed a giant stick in the middle). Wyatt loves to be held and I do love toting him, but I'm afraid I'll become a freak of nature with one muscular arm. Someone drank all the coffee, did I do that? Makensie's birthday is coming up so every conversation starts with "At my party..." And we have a conversation every 3 minutes. We had 3 movies that we checked out at the library and couldn't find them anywhere, tore the house apart looking for them me stressing the rule the whole time about no one takes anything out of the library bag, and following every lead the kids gave me, "I think I took them upstairs and had it on my desk" "I think it fell behind my bed" I finally gave up called the library to apologize and although they are on my library receipt, they do not show on the library computer and they say I never checked them out. I'm adding this to my insanity pleading. Makensie made some kind of magic potion outside and had to turn on the hose for water, only for Brian to pick it up and hose the girls down with it. some men stopped by because they only had a couple more pieces of steak to sell for the day out of the back of a truck. Sounds sanitary. Told them we had a 1/2 beef in the chest and then started to try to sell the pork....luckily I pointed to Sweetheart and told them that she was in line next. she's not, but I wish you could have seen his face.

So by 5 O'clock and making supper I try to head the kids outside except the kiddo of the day who is helping cook. However, last night they all wanted to help or at least be in the kitchen. Wyatt in the playpen fussing to be set free, Gabby singing loudly some silly song then laughing at herself, Makensie grating up the cheese for the burritos and somehow managed to knock the thing over and apart 3 times now, and Brian - the unmanageable boy - walking by stealing pieces of cheese and Makensie whining about it and his dirty hands. I responded kindly to each trip 1: "Brian, wait til supper" 2:"Brian, leave the cheese alone", 3: "Brian, quit taking the cheese" I should have dealt with him after #2, but I was now trying to carry wyatt and finish up supper and the Gabby was now setting the table and getting out the side items and cold stuff and asking lots of questions. Then Makensie lets me know again, "MOM! Brian took another piece of the cheese!" Mind you it is shredded - it is just the fact that he is only doing it to annoy Makensie. So I yell this time, "BRIAN! Go outside and leave the cheese alone!" He spins around and with does this little drama skit of bulging eyes and starts shivering like he's really scared and shocked then walks to the door mimicking a robot and in his best little robot voice says over and over, "Uh, Oh. Bad attitude alert, bad attitude alert, uh oh, bad attitude alert."

Thank goodness I started reading Bringing Up Boys otherwise tomorrow I might only have girls in the house. What boy? I don't have a boy?


Elizabeth said...

My oldest is like your Brian, sometimes I just don't know what to do with that boy!!!
My youngest son is high-maintenance and more like a girl which may benefit him as he gets older because he will be able to relate to the girls way better than my oldest!

Hang in there, boys really are a challenge, and I am speaking from experience.

Adelia said...

I don't know if it's Brian being a boy or that Brian is ALLEN's son. Doesn't that add a little extra umpf?!?! Tristan's birthday is coming up too (JUNE!!) and we have conversations daily about his party. According to him it will be quite a doozy, he's been planning it for months and has already made the invitations. This party is already draining me. And thank you for your library book story. Somedays I think my mind has truly vacated the premises. I went to the library once to try to mail some stuff. Library/post office. Those are enter changeable, right? You are doing good, Momma. You have a full pot and I'm often amazed at all you do.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, you really do have a crazier life than mine. I nearly have melt downs because the peanut insists on helping me bake bread and we wind up with flour behind every appliance and tool. That is nothing compared to this. You go girl! And hey, if nothing else, you have some great blog fodder!


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