Friday, April 25, 2008

2 Birds with 1 post

So I have an ongoing list of all these amusing, at least to me, amusing happenings in my life that I want to journal about so that I don't forget them. I was looking back over the list and realized how behind I was when I saw my notes about my excitement one of my sisters just found out she is pregnant. Long story short...she had the baby yesterday.

I enjoyed getting to watch her grow and her excitement about having another baby. Her 1st boy is now 10 years old. This pregnancy has been such a gift to her. Her 1st pregnancy was when she was barely 17 years old. We grew up in a Christian home and I will never forget the night that all us sat at the table with her while she told mom and dad and cried in shame. My parents handled it so much more graciously than I had feared and supported her completely. It was nothing glamorous. She was still trying to attend school and work at Pizza Hut in the evening. I can remember just days before she had Austin seeing her button her pants by attaching a rubber band around the button to give her more room. She hadn't bought any maternity. She was still trying to hide it best she could. Allen and I not even married yet had talked about raising the baby until she was older as adoption was discussed but she wanted to keep him so badly before she ever even saw him. She has been a wonderful mother, so much fun and truly gives herself to Austin. This time Debi has a great job and has just the cutest maternity clothes you can imagine.

Last weekend I had the joy of getting to spend time with our other sister preparing the baby shower for Debi. It was beautiful and she had 45 women attend and bless her with the most precious of baby items. What was even better was just seeing Debi loved on and the baby doted on this time. She didn't have a single shower last time. Now this time she is having 2 showers. I get sick thinking of how even after the baby was conceived that the sin of a single action forever scarred and robbed all of us of the joy of a new life. God knew this was to happen. He says every child is a blessing yet we all were so hush hush and when we would say that yes she was pregnant it was always with the loom of embarrassment. I can only imagine how Debi herself felt. So young and scared and now ashamed from the pregnancy and what people must be thinking of our parents.

Now I didn't have kids when she had Austin so there is a lot of hindsight as to things we could have down for her. How we should have pampered her and been just as excited about the gift of a precious baby. Austin was born on my birthday and Allen and I were married 2 days later (elope style). This past year Debi married Daniel and they have a new baby girl to share this new life of theirs. I look forward to seeing her soon.


Shan said...

That is wonderful! Oh the wisdom years can bring! So glad Austin had a supportive family and your sis is able to have another child in a joy filled situation!

WendyJanelle said...

Yes, this is wonderful!!

And, girl, you are right. We may make mistakes, but God can certainly use anything--even our mistakes-- for something glorious. He is God afterall. And Austin is certainly no mistake in God's eyes.

It makes me sick, too, how Christians condemn and cut each other down. There are standards and morals to adhere to, but there should also be love and grace and mercy. Let the first person with no sin cast the first stone.

I'm glad your sister was so blessed this time around. And I know that witnessing the first round has made you more sensitive to that kind of thing. You are an awesome person, Suzanne...a whole patchwork of experiences, if you will. Heh heh. :-)
Novel over.


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