Thursday, May 29, 2008

Need a name

A friend and I are joining efforts to start selling some of our cards. I love making them, it is good therapy for my soul. Yesterday, late afternoon, when I had answered my 1000th question of the day, over things like "is the brown recluse or the black widow more poisonius?" "Can you take us in an airplane someday?" "Why do they call it an aquarium?" "What are we having for snack time?" I could feel my blood pressure rising and told the kids that momma needed a time out for 10 minutes. I set the timer, assigned Makensie to play with baby and I headed to my bedroom to crash on the bed thinking I wanted to just cry, sleep or scream and didn't care which. But when I got there I saw the Country Living magazine laying there and rather than seeing a wonderfully decorated dining room, I felt like John, from the movie A Beautiful Mind, all the colors were jumping off the page begging me to pay attention to them. So I grabbed the magazine and my pad of ideas and 10 minutes later emerge refreshed and with a list of 10 new color schemes to incorporate into my cards. I love color. I love the crafting. I love paper. I love giving a beautiful card that I made and designed myself. Gives me a little "yeah me!" moment.

So, the plan is to sell individual cards as well as sets and put together some gift baskets and always include a matching card with any gift we sell. That way it's like a bed in the bag...everything included for the perfectly matched gift. One thing that we are working on that I'm really excited about is a recipe card box. Decorated, handstamped lined and decorated dividers and then matching designed recipe (blank) cards, and a matching card. We also plan to include in our services: announcements, stationary and coasters. We would additionally like to do parties for the young girls (tweens maybe?). To be the entertainment of sorts. Come in for a birthday party, help the girls decorate personal journals and a notebook or some birthday cards for their friends, or if they are doing a little spa party, make labels for their sugar scrubs or such. This is a hard age, they are not little kids any more so the clown or blow up jumpers are out, yet not quite old enough to be on their own for entertainment.

So Leanne is the organized one and business planner and marketeer, and I guess I'm just along for the ride and to put some cards together. She thinks she isn't as creative...but she is. So we need to come up with a name for our little endeavor. My wonderful husband suggested "Cards by Tards", which while I did think he was funny...not so much helpful. Any suggestions? Send me your ideas and if we go with your name I'll send you a set of 4, beautiful all occasion handmade cards with envelopes.

Let me know if you would like some cards made up for your next birthday party, wedding or a shower...if we can help you with party favors, invitations, gifts... I'll post some pictures later, now that I have a big girl camera.


WendyJanelle said...

Ohhh...fuuunn!!! This is perfect for you, Suzanne!! You are so creative. And, I agree, creative projects are so therapeutic. What would I do without modge podge and fabric?
I'll try to come up with some name ideas.

WendyJanelle said...

By the way, that first "Words of Wisdom" quote is so true, and I'm seeing it firsthand right now...

Shelley said...


What a great idea! I love your cards. If we were staying around, I would book a party with Sadie's friends ASAP.

I'm sad too, to be leaving so many great people in Siloam. I will definitely keep tabs on you via your blog. I can't wait to see how your new venture turns out.

I'm so glad God had our paths cross. You're one cool chick.


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