Saturday, May 24, 2008


Gabby had her kindergarten graduation last week and she got a Barbie digital camera as her gift. She is always asking me to take a picture of something, so felt this was a good responsible gift for her. Me taking a picture for her, wouldn't be a burden if....we had a camera. Yes folks, we had the disposable camera. I love having one in the diaper bag and my purse, but for good pictures, sorry, it just got frustrating. Plus I would pay $8 to develop a roll only to discover that Allen took 5 pictures of the exact same thing to make sure 1 turned out good, or that one of the kids tried to take a picture of the floor or the teeth of the other kids, or I took 3 pictures of really nothing just so I could take the film in to get developed. Ugh. So this past week, we invested in a camera ourselves. Now hopefully, Wyatt being the 4th won't grow up to think he was adopted when he was 2 from a lack of pictures proving otherwise. So...of course we've heard a lot of "Smile" lately. Gabby said yesterday, "mom, smile. I want to take a picture of you." As I was waiting for the click she adds, "that way when you die, I'll remember you."

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WendyJanelle said...

HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Your kids CRACK me up! Yeah, isn't that just lovely? What a precious child.
She wants to remember you...
that's good, right?


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