Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hero!

Here is Brian and his BFF, just a couple of weeks ago, not Halloween. Grandma has blessed him with 6 Spiderman and 1 Hulk outfits she picked up at a sale. It has been a great thing and almost a uniform of sorts for him. I can't help but wonder what passerbyers and the neighbor's think of the people who live "there" with the kid always in the Spiderman outfit.

(Don't be frightened by the dishes in the background, they are part of the kitchen's decorations)

And here they go, trekking to the front yard to save the world.
Brian came into the house rubbing his hands together, "My hands are just sticky enough that I can climb clear to the top of the van! Just like Spiderman!"
Luckily, he later washed the van...using my mop.


Shan said...

Hahaha. Spiderman. You can really never have too many S.man outfits can you? It would be funny if we looked in your boys closet and there hung a weeks worth of Spiderman suits and nothing else-Peter Parker style.
Several years ago, both my boys wanted to be Spiderman for halloween so they looked really cute being 5 years apart. It was like the 7 year old had a "Mini me" sidekick.
We may see each other Sunday somewhere in town, btw. I'll let you guess the rest. ;)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

LOL! Hilariously adorable!

Totallyscrappy said...

This reminded me of the summer we wound up with 6 batman masks. Oh, the pictures we took... Batmom, Batcat, Batfriend, Batboy...
Fun stuff!


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