Monday, November 24, 2008

Mojo Monday Challenge

I am newly motivated to make some cards. Maybe it is because I got to spend the day with a bunch of other creative ladies this weekend. Maybe it's because it is one of those wonderful overcast days and staying inside and warm and crafting seems right.

I stumbled across a site with some amazing cards and she had a challenge sketch so this was my inspiration. Visit her site here.

I realize this is the sketch to last Monday, however, I did this Sunday afternoon and am just posting it on Monday. I also realize this is not the best picture. Trust me, it's the best of the bunch. The stamp in the middle is of some acorns and leaves. The ribbon is cream raffia.
Here are some pictures of the weekend workshop. The creative ladies? Trish, Sylvia, Chris, Lynn, Sherri, LeAnne & Jaime. I guess there were around 50 ladies there all together. However my estimating skills stink so there might have been anywhere between 10 and 5000. It was just nice to do some crafts that did not require pipe cleaners for any part of it.

I do not have a picture of Lynn and Sherri. Everyone's loss, they are joy just to see their smiles.

Here are some of the projects we did:

This is a box to hold our cards. We decorated the front and made 6 tabbed inserts for dividing the cards by occasion.

This was just a pretty card. We got to play with the Big Shot this weekend also.

Here is a really unique and beautiful Christmas card. It is Garden Green and Elegant Eggplant.

Here is a little box that holds a test tube that was filled with teddy grahams. I ate some.

This was a fun slider card. I really like the colors together and all the sparkly glitter.

When we paused for lunch, we got our plastic ware and crackers in this cute little gift bag.

While this looks like just a really catchy card, it actually holds 3 pictures inside as a mini picture gift album.

And the last project was this little bookmark. It was a quick and simple gift idea.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

splain this....

How can a grown man pride himself on having such amazing packing skills that he is able to pack an entire home into a single moving truck, yet cannot load a dishwasher.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Power Machine

Questions for the day...
Brian (age 5): Can I use my pocket knife to cut up the carrots for you?
Me: No.
Brian: Can I start the van for you?
Me: No.
Brian: Can I mow the yard for you?
Me: No.
Brian: Can I use the vacuum to pretend like it's a power machine and vacuum the front room for you?
Me: I guess. (This had to be said with a sigh and without a hint of complete satisfaction that my evil plan to raise little cleaning minions was coming into fruition.)


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