Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thinking ahead to the New Year

One more reason I love this time of year is it is goal setting time. And you know how we list people love that.

Areas to be thinking ahead and planning for this next year?
Time with God-What do you want to study and grow in this year?
Marriage-Add a date night? Spice up the romance?
Kids-Add one on one time? Personal goals.
Home school-Educational goals? Skills?
Housekeeping-This is one I'm working on-Starting the 1st Sunday of the year, I'll be posting a Devotional from A Clean Heart for A Clean Home. Hope some of you will take the Clean Home Challenge with me.
Health-I think the same devotional will also apply with A Clean Heart for a Healthy Body.
Business(s)-Where do we want to grow and expand? Each of the older kids are working on what they want to start with as their own business.
Finances-Where are our shortcomings? How can we make money work for us?
Community-How can we find a way to reach out to our community and what does that look like for this season of life?

I have a lot of goals and am still working on what I would like to see and how to do that. But at the same time realizing that we have to be flexible and know when those will need changing....sometimes weekly.

Love this quote by Robbie Castleman from the book "Parenting in the Pew"
Most people worship their work,
work at their play
and play at their worship.

So as we are setting goals for this next year, looking at the blank slate of your day...I encourage you to add in your quiet time with God 1st. Then fill in the gaps in order by priority. :)


Marcia Francois said...


can you please send me a blank email - i can't find a contact email for you anywhere - so I can email you?


marcia AT

Elizabeth said...

I agree- my quiet time with God definately is lacking. If nothing else, that is a good challenge for myself in this new year!

Hope your holidays were wonderful and 2009 is even more wonderful!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Hey girlie,
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!

Stacy said...

I may have to join in on the clean home challenge--my house is a big ol' mess since Christmas exploded in here! :-o LOL!
BTW... I wanted to wish you a happy birthday today, too! Love you, my friend! :)


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