Saturday, December 13, 2008

This little light of mine

Sometimes I think that God is surely angry with me, with my faults, with my failures, with my bad decisions. I have to grab those lies quickly and replace them with the truth. The truth is Grace is God's attitude towards us. He does for me what I do not deserve. He does in me what I cannot do in myself. He takes sides with me when He should be standing against me. Do I stand with my husband at the times when in wordly eyes I have every right to stand against him?

Christ's entire life was one of humble submission to the Lord. He could have had a magnificent temple, made of gold and filled with servants. However born in a stable, living as a traveling missionary, He voiced no complaints of His wants or have nots. Yet, how far too often have my own words and actions been lacking in submission to Him and to my husband? How many times have I lost my joy by comparison of what else is out there that I would like to have?

Reading through the Law books in the Bible is not light reading and often times requires a lot of extra research to even know what I'm reading and why it is there. There were a lot of laws in the beginning. There was no Christ with which to receive grace and salvation. Another reason for the laws was to help bring sin to light. How could anyone know they were doing something wrong unless they were instructed that it was wrong? The more we know of God the more we notice our sins. The old saying "ignorance is bliss" could also be "ignorance is death".

Before reading Created to Be His Help Meet, and actually in all honesty, before I was married, I was a much better wife. I say this book is hard to read and not a feel good book, because it shines light on my sins as a wife.

All of Jesus' dealings with sinners was done with grace in His actions and words. How often have my own words and actions been lacking in grace when I'm dealing with the sinners in my own home? A wise friend once told me, we can write it off as a bad mood, but if you had company would you treat them the same way then try to justify it as a bad day?

Thank you Lord for Your Word, Your convictions on our hearts, for shining the light so brightly on our sins that they cannot be hidden in our hearts once we know You, thank you for your examples and instructions on how to live our lives.

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