Friday, January 09, 2009

The 5 senses

Yesterday was very sense filled. Maybe because the 4 day migraine finally subsided and what had been sensory overload was finally back to normal.

I'm thankful for my-

sight so that I could watch Wyatt jump on the trampoline and laugh at what the static electricity was doing to his crazy monkey hair.

hearing so that I could enjoy the kids sing on my wonderful cooking abilities because I make the best breakfast smoothie ever.

taste so that I could savor the homemade french fries and sweet potato fries that Allen made to go along with our breakfast supper last night.

touch so that I could relax in my new wonderful (non-white) bright purple and pink striped softest ever socks I got from a dear friend for Christmas.

smell so that I could appreciate that Allen was having a cigar and varnishing wood while running a diesel heater in the garage all evening, because this meant I have a husband who was home. (Not that I think smoking around combustible gases while running a flaming heater in a small garage filled with enough ammo to cater to a small army was a great idea....) But we all survived.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

HA!! Even your thankful list is hilarious! You just can't help yourself. Heh heh heh
Allen, Oh Allen. I'm glad you are all still alive.

Those migraines sure stink. Do you think it's weather related? We sure have been having some ups and downs.

I'm all about colorful socks. Brights pinks and purples can make anyone happy! :-)


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