Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coupon Addict

Have I mentioned yet my obsession with coupons? If you don't coupon, you just can't understand the thrill of the hunt and high of victory when it all comes together. It may look like a lot of work for such little savings, but if you do it right, it truely can be well worth your time.

My kids are well versed in the world of couponing. In fact, Brian asked me this week during school time if I was just having him cut so much so he'd get better at cutting so he would have to cut out my coupons? My plan has been soiled.

I don't really want to post how to coupon are a lot of sites out there that can explain it much better than I. I will just briefly tell you what I do.

I rip the coupons with a metal ruler, much faster than cutting and less crippling on the hands after hundreds.

I sort them into catagories.

I put the stacks into my coupon file.

Check the sales ads and circle in black sharpie what looks like a good deal.

Print off cheat sheets from blogs from other ladies doing the hard work of telling me what is a good deal. Like on here, here and here.

Pull and print coupons from the cheat sheets and weekly ads.

Place coupons I want to use that week for specific stores in my coupon binder (clear baseball card holders placed inside a 3 ring binder)

I hole punch my ads and put in the binder.

I make my list by order I'll be walking through the store, the coupons are in the same order. I include on the list what sale price is and what page it is on in the ad. In my binder it goes in this order: ad, list, coupons for that store.

Last week at Walgreen my subtotal was $4.15. What did I get?

(3) 25-pk boxes of Electrolsol gel packs

(4) large packages of Stayfree pads

(2) glade scented oil refills

(2) galloons of milk

(4) Garnier Fructis hair products-mouse, gel and 2 hairsprays

(1) softsoap hand soap

(4) Loreal Lip Gloss

(1) Loreal Concealor Stick

(3) Loreal Eye color sticks

Not too bad. It was a total of $183.76 worth of product.


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

I just can't do it or take it!!! It makes my brain hurt!!! Like staring at a complex math equation, my brain just doesn't go there!!! Oh, it hurts thinking of it.

However, I'm well pleased that you are able to do it and ENJOY it!! Woo-hoo for you!!!:)

shannaedawn said...

I'm working on getting this good...just not quite there yet. Although I did save 30.00 @ WalMart last night with my coupons? Hubby was shocked...he asked me did you really just shave 30.00 off our bill. Why yes dear I did :)


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