Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daily Routine

Due to a challenge over at Biblical Womanhood, I'm posting about my daily routine. When I complete the current task at hand, I then run to do dishes, laundry and that order. I'm still working on the Colossal Clutter Clean Up, fell behind this week, trying to get caught up today.

I am really liking our new routine. It is a less is more approach. I met with a friend and wise orderly balanced mom and upon her advise. Rather than me having such high expectations and trying to fit so much in. Allow more time for things, take some things off the schedule and enjoy my life and kids and save the extra stuff for Sundays or Summer. Save the major house cleaning for Saturdays. And I am so grateful. Nothing earth shattering, but just a new perspective that is really flowing well.

6:00- I make coffee, do my Devotions
Take a Shower
7:00 Start Breakfast, wake up the kids and they start their morning chores
7:30 Breakfast-table chores-brush teeth
8:00 Bible-scripture memory
8:30 Start Home school
11:30 Fix lunch, kids play outside
12:00 lunch
12:30 table chores-free time
1:00 put Wyatt to nap/read alouds-literature
1:30 every body quiet time, momma can nap
2:00 email
2:30 office work, kids free time
3:00 Snacks, wake Wyatt, Momma's chores-calls, coupons etc
4:00 house blessing-afternoon chores
4:30 Special Time one on one with kid of the day
5:00 Make Supper w/ kid
6:00 Supper - Praise the Lord Box, Narration questions from dad, question of the night
6:30 table & evening chores-sweep and trash, Sat= Feast night with awards and goals
7:00 Baths MWS -- Family Game night T, Date Night TH -- Family Movie F,
8:00 teeth/prayers/story-read alouds
9:00 lay out next days meals, make tea, finish daily list, time with Allen, read, journal


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Great advice. I love your schedule. That looks like something I could live with. Did you meet with LR? She is fantastic. I think she needs to teach a class for the moms...

Litty said...

Your routine looks fabulous!


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